Thursday, April 05, 2007

AWI Project Page & old memories...

I've brought my old American War of Independence page up to date, and added the link to the list of my pages on the left.. this has a link on it to the battle I reported following, it also has links to the rules I use, along with the modifications, cheat sheets, etc.

One of the pleasures in my all too hectic life is to sit in my garage of an evening (well it is still kind of "winter"!), with a couple of bottles of beer, a cigar, and a good read... at the moment I'm reading a book (military history naturally!) that I just got on eBay, titled "Fuzzy Wuzzy: The Campaigns in the Eastern Sudan 1884-1885" by Brian Robson (the same chap who wrote the book on the Second Afghan War, and the disastrous retreat from Kabul - "The Road to Kabul"). Either way his Sudan book is similarly excellent, but last night (and you knew there was a purpose of this little diversion) I happened to be reading an old copy of "Wargamer's Newsletter" from April 1974.. this was one of a batch (to fill in some gaps in my collection) I had just bought from John Tunstill (a fellow Blogger as I found out the other day, and author amongst other things, of "Discovering Wargames") ...

Imagine if you will then - sat comfortably, beer at hand, cigar gently drawing, only to see yours truly leap out of his chair and rush into the house waving said magazine in the air.. and all because????

33 years ago, I'd had a letter published in "Wargamer's Newsletter", and I never even knew because my subscription had run out the issue before .... J

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  1. Woo Hoo! What a rush that must have been. Congratulations on the letter and finding it.

    -- Jeff