Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day... me and all the other fathers... I know it's kind of a cheesy concept but it does make you feel good! J

The card by the way is from my littlest and was lovingly crafted to include all the things I like - there was room for a Cadbury's Caramel, a bottle of "Summer Lightning", a rugby ball and sundry other delights but apparently there wasn't room for a soldier!

... all things considered (neither of them are wage earners! J) I did very well - I suspect their Mum was involved somewhere along the lines as I got the DVD of "Casino Royale" and two bottles of "Loddon Premier Gold" (4.8% ABV and bottle conditioned) from the Loddon Brewery... this won a Tesco beer award at the tail end of last year and have tried it a few times now I have no doubts why - it's a lovely golden beer, (very) slightly citrusy, and also very tasty on a warm summer evening slightly chilled. They're good kids!


  1. Love it.

    Kids are great when they're cute aren't they?

    I got breakfast in bed served by both of my kids.

  2. Well done....! :o))

    It was all I could do to stop the youngest from rushing off for a glass and a bottle opener... and it was only 8 (in the morning)!