Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July totals...

This replaces the post I was originally planning to put up which was to announce the arrival of another infantry regiment in the War of the Spanish Succession project. Unfortunately a bit of a "senior moment" resulted in me finding that I was two figures short for the back rank after I started basing them up, so it was a quick return to the painting table to apply brush to the miscreants. With the protective coat only going on last night there was no way they were going to make the June painting totals hence the alternative post!

Anyway, June and the first half of the year having gone here are the usual statistics..

Painting was about average - it would have been far better but for the senior moment, but, hey, that just means the July painting totals are going to look pretty good so it's a dark cloud etc etc. 25 points this month - 23 foot and one mounted colonel of Lee's Regiment of Foot (the Wild Geese - pictured above)

Blog hits were good as well - particularly pleased with the main blog and the Teasers - they continue to be popular!

That's it for this post, but by way of a taster for July -
  • I'm planning a step-by-step photo montage on how I paint horses (prompted by a comment left by Stryker) - not because I'm good at them, but because I am reasonably quick, with a reasonable end result..!
  • A post on Wilcke's (Dutch) Regiment of Foot
  • Holidays are looming - are there any battlefields where I'm going, and can the weather be better than last year, please? You'll hear about the battlefields here, for sure..
  • "To The Redoubt" is also looming - a lovely little local show, and I can't believe it's come around so soon - last year it prompted much painting of the "Orange Lillie's." I note that the special exhibition this year is based on the Zulu War so Heaven knows what imagination fuel that will provide!


  1. I just found your site. What a joy!Great figures and basing. Just wonderful. Best regards...Bill

  2. Steve,
    I'll look forward to the horse painting - don't forget to show a grey!