Saturday, February 28, 2009

ACW revisited part 3...

...and with the thump of parcel on door mat the happy arrival is announced of the first samples of American Civil War troops in Steve-the-wargamers house... what follows are the figures that I ordered from Warrior.

I chose a selection of infantry, a couple of cavalry, and an artillery piece but when I opened the parcel I found that Warrior had also thrown in a couple of extra infantry figures free - and the parcel arrived within two days of me placing the order. I've said it before but will say it again - their customer focus and mail delivery is second to none...

So what about the figures - well all I can say is "nice, very nice" - first the infantry - I've included a Minifigs 25mm Grenadier for scale comparison.

First the infantry (click on any of the photo's for a bigger view):
.. a selection of types; one zouave, three US types with kepi (one with sack coat & two without, but one of the latter with blanket roll) and a Confederate type in soft hat..
I brought the camera down to desk level for this one to give a better idea of the size. The Minifigs is usually seen as being a "true" 25, these guys are slightly taller but with similar heft...
The infantry are very nice, hands look to be holding rifles, truly horrific looking bayonets on the end - one of the union infantry has a magnificent walrus moustache that can clearly be seen.. definitely feeling enthused to paint up a few to see how they look!

Good as the infantry are I thought the cavalry were even better... these are two piece casts, the riders come with saddlery moulded on...
...and then the piece de resistance - the gun. This is dry fitted - not glued yet. You can see the wood grain in the trail (which Warrior sent two of - not sure why!) The wheels are magnificent - no flash at all - and a really chunky gun barrel. There is also a sponger/rammer... end of the barrel is drilled out slightly which looks good!
To be honest I don't think I have much extra looking to do!! John/DC - good suggestion, gents

More anon....


  1. I'm very surprised at the quality of these - for some reason I've always assumed that Warrior weren't much cop. Look forward to seeing how they paint up.


  2. monkey says....'don't overlook Garrison'....listen to the monkey....8-)

  3. The gun looks nice. I might get a few. Is the crew workmanlike?

  4. You obviously like these . . . is the price right?

    If so, then merely look to see which other manufacturers would blend with these. One of the things about the ACW is that (particularly for the South) units could be a bit irregular-looking . . . thus manufacturers which can work together give you more options in building units.

    How are you planning on basing your ACW foot? . . . this could affect your choice of troops.

    -- Jeff

  5. Buy them in an army pack, 30p a figure! Lovely jubbely.

    You know it makes sense!