Monday, March 08, 2010

Painting painting painting - but not a troop to be seen...

My apologies for the dearth of posts recently, but with the launch day for "Papillon" just three weeks away things have been a little busy in Steve-the-Wargamer's life....

Last weekend was spent sanding and varnishing, a fairly useful enterprise should you wish to ensure that your pride and joy doesn't fall apart under your feet..! Despite the fact that she's almost entirely made of plastic, there is a surprising amount of wood (teak, I think) on my little boat... and it all requires quite astonishing numbers of coats of whatever product is used... whilst browsing in the local chandlers the other weekend for example (and by the by these are easily as fascinating as war games shops if you have a mind that leans that way), I spotted some yacht varnish that, not a word of a lie, spoke of 18 coats! Imagine if our little metal men required such coverage...

Either way, that tin was soon put down in preference for something from the local DIY super-emporium that promises to do "exactly what it says on the tin" (other irritating adverts for wood preservative products are available) - time will tell...

Other good (brilliant!) news received via the Microsoft jungle drums program yesterday evening, indicates that DG is a proud grandfather as of this weekend just gone!! I have congratulated him already, and look forward to feeding him some beer next time he's here - he tells me that he and the current Mrs. DG are hot footing it down to lavish attention on offspring, and grand-offspring; is it my wargamer's mind that leads me to think - "ah, I wonder if we will have time for a game"??!


  1. I have been down the allotment for a few hours most of my days off for weeks...I think we are all allowed other interests! I could post some potato pictures in a few of months!


  2. I've been chasing exams and paperwork the last few weeks, even my play by email game is on hiatus. Good luck with the Papillon.

  3. I think feeding a baby beer might be over doing it. Equally asking a infant to play a wargame would be difficult I imagine, what with all the stops and starts for nappy changes and the likes.

    Oh you meant the grandfather.........

  4. Good luck with the launch Steve!

  5. My upcoming weekend is also filled with boat maintenance for the upcoming season. I was able to crew on a race last saturday out of Annapolis (apparently, they needed a lot of ballast), Ye-Gods it was cold but fun.

    Good luck with your launch and make sure you check all the safety equipment.

  6. Spring must be here! Sailing in sight!

  7. Spring must be here! Sailing in sight!