Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rumours of War

...just a quick review least you think this web site may be turning into a Matthew Hervey/Mallinson fan club! I was cycling to work the other day though and realised that unless I saved some of my reviews from over there on the left - they'd just get lost... which seemed a shame given that this blog does form the function of a diary/notebook of sorts..

So - in this, the sixth book in the series, with peace in Europe Hervey wangles (with a lot of help from his lover, Lady Katherine Greville) his way onto a military mission to observe and advise on events on Portugal where civil war in the air following the death of King John VI.

A group of British officers is sent by the War Office to provide support and guidance to the Queen, and to provide advice to the British government on what their actions should be in supporting their old ally.

It is 1826 and the return to the country 30 years later sparks many memories of his earlier army career when, as a callow cornet with the 6th Light Dragoons, he was in Moore's retreat to Corunna. I really liked this, as the book constantly provides flashbacks to the retreat, and we get a good impression of what the regiment did, and how Hervey served at the time..

This is set against his actions to try and sway the leader of the British observing group that his assessment of the situation is more correct, whilst also embroiling himself personally in the first skirmishes as Spanish supported Portuguese troops of the rebel party clash with the Queens forces...

His personal life is no less stormy - Hervey learns that Lady Katherine's interest comes at a personal price that he is not willing to pay... I foresee storm clouds ahead!

Steve the Wargamer rates this one as a nine out of ten...


Coming up soon - the Zouaves!


  1. Glad you are enjoying Hervey. Alan Mallinsons book "Light Dragoons" is a good read as well.

  2. One of the things I like about the series is that they take place in the post Napoleonic era and I never realised that there was so much going around the world with British interest at heart.