Book reviews - 2018

Another year, another list..

Score (out of 10)
I would say a book of two halves..  there was every indication that this book was a bit of a 'tread-water book' written in order to bridge a period in the history the book is set against, that wasn't too exciting - for a lot of the first half, although the descriptions and background, and quality of writing, was as good as ever I kept thinking "yes, yes, yes, but what's it all about?!" - I would say the story only really kicks in in the second half...  from then on it it was a real page turner.. for those who don't know these books this is the fifth in the Master of War series which covers the life and adventures of the English knight Sir Thomas Blackstone and his force of archers and men at arms in the 100 Years War..  in this book his band of men have managed to escape Italy (a good book worth reading if you are into Condottiere) and are back under the command of the King, Edward, charged with taking into control  French towns ceded to the English in the recent treaty between England and France....  against them are roving bands of rogue armed men (routiers), the French army, and the plotting's of the French dauphin who seeks to destroy Blackstone..  very good... and a surprise ending! (no spoilers)8
See blog post [clicky]..8 16! Only seemed like yesterday I was first reading them..!.

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