Painting totals - 2020 we go...  look out below!!... 
    Date (click to go to post)Item descriptionPeriodMakeScalePoints Value/Total Pts
    5/1/20Replacement terraceWW2/WSS4Ground15mm15 pts
    11/1/20Lord Mandeville’s Regiment of FootECWMinifigs15mm24@1pt for 24 pts
    30/1/20Lord Grandison’s Regiment of HorseECWPeter Pig15mm8@2pt for 16 pts
    24/2/20Sir William Balfour's Regiment of HorseECWPeter Pig15mm8@2pt for 16 pts
    19/3/2042nd Virginia InfantryACWNewline20mm20@1pt for 20 pts
    10/4/205th Ohio Volunteer InfantryACWNewline20mm20@1pt for 20 pts
    29/4/20Essex, Bedford and Balfour's CuirassiersECWPeter Pig15mm8@2pt for 16 pts
    21/4/20John Belasyse's Regiment of FooteECWPeter Pig15mm24@1pt for 24 pts
    8/5/20American Civil War generalsACWNewline20mm3@2pts for 6 pts

    Total to date: 147 points (294 from 2019 to beat )
    Points values:
    • Infantry (irrespective of scale) 1 pt
    • Cavalry (ditto) 2 pt
    • Transport/ships/guns/vehicles 3 or 5 pts depending on complexity
    • Terrain - according to complexity

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