Tuesday, February 27, 2007

4th December - Roundway & Warrior WSS Cavalry comparison

Over the weekend I finally got the time to set up the camera, assemble the various cavalry figures, and get some comparison pictures of the mounted figures from each of the manufacturers I currently have examples from. So without further ado, see following for the picture(s) - as before I've reduced these to fit on the page better, but if you click on each graphic you'll get the bigger version of the picture:

So... initial thoughts on the mounted figures when compared to other figures I already have? Well to be honest, not nearly so clear cut as with the infantry... size'wise they are good - but with the (possible) exception of the Dixon figure, my view is that each of them has some flaws:
  • The Roundway figure suffers from the same pork pie hat problem as his dismounted colleague, he's the biggest figure of the four, but only because of the horse. I noticed that the horse for this figure also suffers from a fair amount of flash...
  • The Warrior figure is mixed bag - the horse is a decent size, but the rider is very small - I also don't like the pose (sword straight up in the air) which I guess is easy to get round by ordering a different figure!
  • The Minifigs cavalry suffers from "Minifigs horse" ie. most Minifgs horses seem to me to have huge rear ends and huge heads! Not sure why this is - other than that the figure is clean and well cast, and like the infantry it's a very elegant model, I'm just not sure I like the pose of the rider - arm out to the side with sword pointing upwards...
  • The Dixon figure speaks for itself, and is still my favourite - size'wise it's fairly average, but what get's the vote for me is the fit of rider to horse (best of the four), and also the pose.. if you look at him in the side-on shot, you'll see what I mean - this guy looks like he's been on campaign for a while....!

So what about prices??

  • Minifigs 4 figures for £1.90 (48p'ish a figure)
  • Warrior 6 for £2 (so 34p'ish a figure)
  • Roundway 4 for £1.50 (so 38p'ish a figure)
  • Dixon 5 for £3.75 (so 75p a figure)

The first thing you notice (unfortunately) is the price of the Dixon cavalry, which is over twice as much as the Warrior figure..

In terms of units (and my horse regiments are 8 strong) that's a saving that works out at over £3 per unit from Warrior (@ £2.70) compared to Dixon (@ £6)... unlike the infantry however, in the case of the Dixon I'm not sure that the extra money isn't worth it for the difference in figure quality and sculpt. I've no idea why they are so expensive, Dixon are the only supplier who sells horse and rider separately, btt I can't see why that would make a difference. Perhaps I should be asking, why the others are so cheap..!

If the other companies sold their figures separately I think the on;y alternative choice for me would be the Roundway rider, on a Warrior horse, but given they don't then I'd have to buy both and that works out at about 70p a figure, but with a lot of wastage!

I guess it gives me something else to ponder on, but to be honest, it wouldn't be for long as the Dixon cavalry is still easily my favourite... and that also means I get to order cavalry from Essex & Freikorps (who I've not seen in the flesh, so to speak) to see how they compare!