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I procrastinated long and hard before starting this project (and indeed AFTER I had started it! ) because, as is usual for most these days, I am stupidly busy with family, work, sailing, and stuff.. so probably no different to most ... but, I have an enduring interest and fascination with Black Powder warfare, and there are a number of English Civil War battlefields in my fairly close proximity (see below), and I've had an interest in the war (or rather wars) itself for years, so in the end this project was inevitable..!

So.. basic tenants... for this project

~ Figures will be 15mm  - when I started the project I had every intention of it being 20 or 25mm, but I'll be blunt and say that they really weren't 'ticking my boxes', and I wasn't feeling the love, so 15mm it is, and as I first thought Peter Pig are the first figures to join the ranks..

~ There will be no plastic.. full stop... it's an aspiration'al thing and now burned into my psyche.. so trust me... there will be no plastic...

...other than that the sky is the limit...


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Game Reports

Give me time..

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Figures/models/ little metal men.. call them what you will

Id di a whole load of research into the 20's and 25's when I first started the project but in order to get the project moving I have thrown it all in the bin and bought enough figures from Peter Pig to put together 4 or 5 regiments of foot on the table - I'll life my head an have a look for other manufacturers/ranges once those are done as I would like this project to be a little like the Marlburian project with recruits from far and wide serving on the table..

Click on the images (which are links to the manufacturers own images/page) for a bigger view, click on the makers name to go to their relevant page..

Prices correct as of Jan 2019

Infantry Cavalry
Manufacturer Figs Price Price/figure Figs Price Price/figure
Peter Pig 8 £3.40 £0.43 4 £3.40 £0.85

The guy on the right is just a brilliant pose..

You may recognise these from the Marlburian project where I use them as stand-in's for the Bavarian Cuirassiers

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The miniature representations of the units in the project, and their histories where apt/available..

Click on the unit name, where linked, to be taken to more detail on the unit

Side Unit type Name/history .
Royalist Infantry Sir Charles Gerard's Regiment of Foot

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Rules reviews/comments

Undecided at this point - though I own (but have not read as I hate reading rules!)
  • Warhammer English Civil War
  • “For King and Parliament”
  • "Forlorn Hope" 
  • "Wargamers Guide to the English Civil war" by Bill Protz
  • Black Powder "Last Argument of Kings"
  • ..
I started, and am more than likely to finish, a port of the Seven Years War rules I used some time ago... as I get older I crave simplicity, and they work for me, it's entirely possible I will rip idea's left right and centre and use those...

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A virtual bookshelf
  • Cheriton 1644 by John Adair [clicky]I did a lot of research, and also on the Battlefields trust website, and the information boards at the battlefield itself tended towards the "northern position", Adair argues (very well I have to say) for the "southern position" -  8/10
  • Edgehill - The Kineton Fight - 1642

  • So leaving all the usual history stuff to one side (as wargamers I would say we all have a rough idea on why the English Civil War was fought) this book is about the first major engagement (yes there were some skirmishes and minor engagements before, but this was the first big battle) not only substantial research on the timetable of the actual battle (who was where and when and why), but the bigger benefit to me was the earlier chapters on each of the major arms - cavalry, infantry and artillery - their equipment, training and weapons at this stage of the war with some commentary on how these changed as the war progressed..

    So we learn that at this stage of the war Parliament would have had better equipment (access to London and the main armaments factories and arsenals), which in turn lead to a higher proportion of musket to pike (2:1 or better compared with 1:1 or 3:2 for the Royalists), and that Pike would have worn more armour at this stage of the war (it tended to be worn less as the war progressed, due to improved musketry, and the weight)

    Both sides had armies that were pretty new to the game. Largely raw, and poorly trained, but leavened by experienced NCO's, officers and gentry that would have had had recent experience on the Continent either with Gustavus in Sweden, or the Thirty Years War in mainland Europe, and some of them would have fought in the Bishops Wars [clicky] a few years before. The authors (Christopher L. Scott, Alan Turton, Eric Gruber von Arni) have a very good chapter on the two major deployment/tactical types - the Swedish and Dutch systems - and the differences between them.. a chapter I feel I'll be coming back to again to refresh my memory from time to time.

    This site is very good [clicky] on the difference between the two (and on a huge number of other subjects to do with the English Civil War!) but basically the Dutch System was older, more basic (deeper ranks and chequer board deployment) and more easy to learn (and was used by Essex and his Parliamentarian army at the battle), the Swedish System (fewer ranks, diamond pattern deployment, and more complex firing methodology) was newer and controversially was adopted by Charles on the advice of his battlefield commanders (Rupert).. possibly one of the deciding factors in his losing the battle given the paucity of training his infantry had?

    All in all then I thought the book was a belter, and an excellent primer to the early armies of the English Civil War.. time will tell if subsequent research comes up with contradictions, but I thought it was very good.. Steve the Wargamer rates it 9/10..

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Battlefield walks..
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