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Game Reports
  • Battle report from the Afrika Korps advance on Tobruk campaign - with pictures!

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The vast majority of my gaming in this period is rooted in the North African campaigns (though I also dabble in the 1940 Fall of France campaign in 15mm)... this goes back to my first interest in WWII many years ago, when I played with the rules from Don Featherstone's "Wargames", and Airfix/Matchbox plastics. These days I use 10mm (N scale) predominantly from Minifigs - excellent figures, well proportioned, a good price, and the factory is only just up the road from me..

For my Blitzkrig Commander/10mm forces I'm standardising on 30x30 (mm) for  infantry/support weapons and smaller vehicles - anything that doesn't  fit on this is going on a 30x50..  all bases bought from the inestimable  Tony at East Riding Miniatures who gives the best service - the last set of bases were in my grubby hands just a couple of days after I ordered them

The Desert forces are complete (though you never know - something may come along that's tempting!), the 1940 France forces are also largely complete but I can see me adding some bits and pieces over time...  I would like to re-do the German side completely as they are painted in late WWII camo pattern!

Latest figures to join the ranks:

Zvezda Pz 38T [clicky] - for France '40


Zvezda Pz II [clicky] - for France '40


Zvezda Hanomags [clicky] - for France '40


Zvezda Opel Blitz [clicky] - for France '40

Zvezda on the left - Peter Pig same scale/model on the right

Les camion militaire est arrivee... [clicky] - for France '40

..with a somewhat hirsute poilu for scale..


Above and below; ready for the next Blitzkrieg Commander game perhaps. Either way, here's some aerial artillery for the Afrika Korps. You can almost hear the air sirens.... this is made by AIM (available through Minifigs, in the UK at least) and is N scale

(10 or 12mm - take your pick)

I've also started building a small skirmish force of British here and also their armour here and transport here
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For rules I have in the past used my own home grown set called "Panzer Grenadier" (and yes I know someone else has used the name, but I had the name first before anyone asks....!). These are a hybrid of AK47, Rapid Fire and Will McNally's AWI rules... sounds strange, but they seem to work... command level is at the company, with one vehicle/model/stand of infantry representing a company/squadron/battery.

More recently however, I have bought and played some games with "Blitzkrieg Commander" and the my view that it had definite possibilities is confirmed .. DG and I are now using v2 of the rules...


I use these for skirmish gaming - a recent purchase at Salute (2012) - I do like these rules... simple enough to pick up and play almost immediately, with enough nuances to provide tactical challenges whilst not bogging the game as a whole down...

Rules worked well on the whole - albeit it was a fairly limited test in that I didn't have any HE capability, and we never got a close assault in (both are fairly comprehensively covered in the rules, they just didn't occur in the game) The one area I'm not sure about is the morale check... on the whole it works well, but there is no account taken of how many casualties the element has taken overall only in the move that the test is being taken which seems to be a bit of a glaring omission?? I think that for future games I may put in a modifier for "half strength".

The morale status of a unit is easy to track - good => suppressed => broken (very similar to the AWI rules I use, so I use the same pins). The rules are a little unclear on the transition from suppressed to broken and what happens when - one section in the rules makes reference to broken units retreating a move, the very next section states that they are dispersed when broken... I'm assuming a typo, and I played it that an already broken unit failing a morale test would disperse.. seemed to work..

Morale is a key quality differentiator - when you're testing with D6 there is a huge benefit to a morale 2 or 3 player..
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While I was on holiday in the Summer of 2006 I had the pleasure of making a trip to the 'Musee de Blindes' in Saumur (France - Loire Valley). Web link is as follows:

Should anyone find themselves within a march of Saumur I would wholeheartedly recommend it.. The museum has a collection of 200 tanks and artillery pieces spread out over 2000 square metres of display space.. the exhibits cover all era's of tank development from WW1 Schneider to the modern Leclerc main battle tank (which being a French museum, they have a specifically French view of, with regard to it's capabilities vis a vis other tanks of the modern era.. J ...not sure I have enough information to agree or otherwise!)

My armoured 'leanings' are towards the early stages of WWII, before the race for weight and size stifled the gaming interest out of me, so highlights for me (and I have to confess to never having been to Bovington so I
don't have a control to compare it with) were:

  • A comprehensive and very interesting collection of WWII tanks - including Char B2 - absolutely huge!! Also Somua/H39/FT17 etc.
  • A similar collection of German armour - fascinating to be able to stand next to a Pz II and compare it to the King Tiger just four tanks away.. have to say I found the Stug III and the Hanomag most interesting though!
  • As a Western Desert gamer (see my pages below) I was also delighted to find tucked away in a corner an M15/40 and Italian Semovente assault gun, and in one of the main halls an honest to goodness Matilda Mk2 painted in that very interesting
    British disruption pattern I'd love to be able to paint!..

    Wholeheartedly recommended....
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