Sunday, February 01, 2015

More transport - Zvezda Matadors

Some of you may remember this from your youth..

Back in this post I mentioned that I'd just completed some transport for my then nascent British Army skirmish force for 1940.. I've now completed a couple more to provide the complete transport for the force...

The AEC Matador was an artillery tractor (OK already...  so my guys have to ride in something..) built by the Associated Equipment Company for British and Commonwealth forces during the Second World War. The Matador was distinctive with its flat fronted cab with gently curved roof, wheels at the corners and a flat load carrying area covered by a canvas or tarpaulin tilt. The cab was made from ash and clad in steel. It was equipped with a winch (7-ton load in its case) like all artillery tractors.

The entire transport, with a Vickers tank for scale - these were big trucks!

..and in comparison to the German Opal Blitz...

About 9,000 Matadors were built during the war, so it isn't too much of a stretch to assume that the army may have "progged" some during the campaign....  
So, two Matadors, 15mm scale by Zvezda to add to the 2015 paint tally..


  1. Very Airfixy! I used to play Western Desert WW2 when at school and I used to curse my opponents when they dragged those big 5.5" guns up to pound my Afrika Korps!