Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Annexation of Chiraz - Game #5 - The Defence of Cressay - Set Up

First game of the year for DG and I, albeit by Skype.. this scenario, the fifth in the campaign, an Allied force has arrived to try and take the two bridges in the town of Cressay, and bring the campaign to a triumphant end. The French of course will be trying to stop them..

Previous battles can be found here:

As attckers the Allies have an extra infantry battalion, and an extra regiment of horse..

Country Unit Type Unit Name SP MP
French Cavalry Souastre 5 5
Bavarian Hvy Cavalry Arco 5 5
French Infantry Bearn 5 5
French Infantry Navarre 5 5
French Infantry Toulouse 5 5
French Infantry Nivernais 5 5
French Infantry Royal Italiene 5 5
French Artillery Medium Artillery 5 5
Country Unit Type Unit Name SP MP
Allies Cavalry Schomberg 5 5
Allies Cavalry Cadogan 5 5
Allies Hvy Cavalry Alt-Hanover Cuirassiers 5 5
Allies Infantry North and Grey 5 5
Allies Infantry Dering 5 5
Allies Infantry Goor 5 5
Allies Infantry Beinheim 5 5
Allies Infantry Rechteren 5 5
Allies Infantry Sturler 5 5
Allies Artillery Medium Artillery 5 5

Set up notes:
    • Allied entry is bottom corner, French/defenders deploy 'behind' the red line; for the French hidden deployment is allowed (but not used for this game, but if they were, use the usual methods i.e.. map where units are, reveal when they could be seen etc..)

    • It’s a 6’ x 4’ table and we used our usual WSS rules (a modification of the Will McNally AWI rules - details on my project page [clicky])
    • Both sides can deploy on to the table in any formation they prefer - the French may start the game inside the buildings if so preferred. 
    • Woods are 'open'; all hills are 'gentle'; the river not crossable except at the bridges (which are wide enough for one base width column); houses will hold one unit each/the church will take two
    Winning conditions:

    The winning side needs to ‘hold’ both bridges at the end of the game - hold meaning that both ends of the the bridge are controlled. If  each side only holds one bridge then it is a draw.
    In the last game DG came up with a 'hideously complex formula' (trademark DG ) for working out the end of the game and it worked so well I thought we'd use it (slightly modified) in this game as well - in fact, I think the army breakpoint rule works so well it could feature permanently...
        • Game ends when at the end of a Turn one side
        • 1] Has 68%* + losses (that is the Allies have 16SP left; the French have 13SP left)
        • 2] Does not control both bridges
        • 3] Concedes

        That side is then obliged to quit the field
        . So, as long as a side controls both bridges they can't lose
      * why 68%?? DG originally came up with the number for the last game, as in that game it represented a round number of SP's lost - he subsequently did some research and found out that French casualties at Blenheim were about that, so it has some verisimilitude..

      Stay tuned for the game report which will, somewhat amazingly, be post number number 700 (!)


      1. The table looks like a perfect setting to play out this scenario. My only "silly" question is where the bridges are located - are they to the left or beyond the village to the right?
        On another topic, the new look of your blog site is terrific. This was a good decision and definitely a visually pleasing upgrade to your earlier site.

      2. Cheers Jerry - appreciated.... you can just see the bridges beyond the houses.

        1. Thanks Steve. That's what happens when you get to be a man of a certain age.