Sunday, February 08, 2015

Annexation of Chiraz - Game #5 - The Defence of Cressay - Game - Part 1

..and so on to the game which was played out in two parts via Skype - just as a reminder here's the table (below) from a slightly different angle.

We diced before the game started for sides, DG won and chose to attack as the Allies.
As a further reminder the Allied entry is bottom right.. As the French, I took the decision to deploy fairly close to the village rather than further out, in a broadly L shaped disposition matching the line of houses. The main approach was clear to see, so I deployed my artillery behind the wall you can see in front of the nearest house.

DG bought his troops on in 3 columns to support his plan which was to attack through the gap with his infantry, and with the remaining infantry and his artillery immediately to their right. The cavalry were going to the far right flank by the barn.

In the following the main attack can be seen in two columns approaching the gap - to their right the cavalry brigade lead, following by the remaining infantry/artillery. I had deployed my cavalry in column thinking DG would attack down that flank - so I'm already having second thoughts!

A few moves later (following), and DG's main infantry force has deployed for attack - in the distance his cavalry are also deployed - at this stage (the first stage) things are going well for me as I start pounding his infantry with my artillery (I fired seven times and didn't miss once - the dice gods were definitely on my side!) but I have also bought Royal Italienne out (in line) in case. You'll note my cavalry is in transit!

A few more moves later (four or five) and in the following the next stage of the battle has started.. having given DG's main infantry assault a right thumping they had withdrawn (in a couple of cases with seriously depleted strength) his next assault is shaping up.

Stirler's (Swiss) and Rechteren (Dutch) are facing off my cavalry (Souastre) and the Royal Italienne on the hill... Shortly after this Stirler's made the mistake of charging Souastre, but were very badly handled and sent bundling, before having the same done to them by Schomberg's when DG bought his cavalry up in support....

A few moves later though and it is clear DG is making progress - he's clearing the hill nicely - Sousatre has now routed, I've bought up the Bavarians to cover the gap..

In the following, busy move!
  • DG's artillery has opened counter battery fire (yellow shaken pin on mine), 
  • in return I have sent Rechteren packing (red pin) following a well timed bayonet charge by Nivernais...  
  • Ominously, though, DG has managed to regather the reins in the centre and things are beginning to look hard pressed.
  • So I have ordered Navarre (my reserve) forward to the centre - you can just see them crossing the bridge.. which point, it being late, we went in for tea [ckicky].. more anon, but in the meanwhile here is the butchers bill to date..

Country Unit Type Unit Name SP SP 
French Cavalry Souastre 5 0 5
Bavarian Hvy Cavalry Arco 5 3 5
French Infantry Bearn 5 5 5
French Infantry Navarre 5 5 5
French Infantry Toulouse 5 1 5
French Infantry Nivernais 5 5 5
French Infantry Royal Italiene 5 0 5
French Artillery Medium Artillery 5 2 5
Country Unit Type Unit Name SP SP 
Allies Cavalry Schomberg 5 0 5
Allies Cavalry Cadogan 5 5 5
Allies Hvy Cavalry Alt-Hanover Cuirassiers 5 5 5
Allies Infantry North and Grey 5 5 5
Allies Infantry Dering 5 2 5
Allies Infantry Goor 5 5 5
Allies Infantry Beinheim 5 0 5
Allies Infantry Rechteren 5 2 5
Allies Infantry Sturler 5 4 5
Allies Artillery Medium Artillery 5 5 5