Monday, February 12, 2018

Anti tank guns..!

...the paint brushes were a veritable whirr the weekend before last, clearly..   these were the last items to leave the paint table...  all of these are destined to bolster my 15mm skirmish forces for France 1940.

...firstly, British 2 pdrs - these are from "Forged in Battle", and bought at Warfare last November...

...bit fiddly if I'm honest but nice when painted up..  the crew member firing is cast as part of the gun... - from the same maker. German 37mm Pak's...

...nice models but again quite fiddly to put together as the barrel is separate..

...and then finally some French 25mm anti tank guns, this time from Peter Pig..

..."ouvrir le feu!" 


  1. Nice comparison. I've not seen any forged in battle figures painted and they do look quite good but I have a preference for the pp french.
    Great painting btw.

  2. Those little AT guns look great, and I am sure they will be effective against Pz 38s and Matildas.

  3. Nice little chaps there! Going well at present, so keep at it.

  4. I like the Forged in Battle stuff Steve and sits well with the Pigs. The PP's have fine characterful faces which I really like. Nice additions to your collection.

  5. Great looking artillery units, "Bon travail!"