Friday, February 09, 2018

Officers.. "Not without cause"

...apologies for the delay - finished these last last weekend but didn't have time to take the photo's!

Striking while the painting mojo is hot, some officers for the nascent English Civil War project..  these are mostly/all Les Higgins figures..

Group as a whole..

Next - mounted figure with banner image that I shamelessly nicked from the Dux Homunculorum blog [clicky] - the guidon or flag is attributed to that carried by a Parliamentarian Cornet belonging to Captain Dobbins of Worcestershire motto means "While I breathe, I hope". For my games he will serve on either side...

Love this one which again was shamelessly appropriated, but this time from this chap [clicky] - he represents a Parliamentarian cavalry cornet, the motto in this case "Not without cause".. those colours...  the flag is way too big of course but I am a founder member of the "big flag school" so to me it's perfect..

So, six figures in all, and despite being 'classics' not my favourite figures really - not the nicest anatomically - almost half round some of them...


  1. Very cool banners on those figures!

    1. Scott - shamelessly ripped off from other, more talented, bloggers!

  2. Replies
    1. CK - in my mind the blue one is more ECW'like, but I particularly like the red one.. I understand the motto "Non Sine Causa" is an old one - it may also have originated in France..

  3. Wonderful figures and benners, very impressive...