Tuesday, July 24, 2007

....building provenance...

...I have been asked about the provenance of the new buildings I've just taken delivery of (pictures were in the last post)...

I'm not aware that anyone else sells them, I'm certain I've not seen them at any of the miriad shows I've attended in the UK in the last 5 years, the only place I've seen them sold is on eBay, and if anyone is interested the chap selling them goes under the eBay trader name of "sellthatstuffboy" (he also sells some nice 25mm terrain as well by the way).

Usual caveats apply, but apart from the fact that his communication/administration is not always brilliant, and the delivery is also sometimes slow (and for the last order that may have been to do with the weather in the UK at the moment , though it was also slow the first time), I would recommend him without reservation... I've bought from him twice, and have always eventually got the goods, in perfect condition, and more to the point they are of very high quality, and pleasing appearance....

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  1. Thanks, Steve. I was hoping from your earlier comments that the dealer might have been in North America.

    Sadly for me, he is not . . . and I don't care to spend the trans-Atlantic shipping fees.

    Nevertheless, I thank you for the link.

    -- Jeff