Thursday, July 26, 2007

...To The Redoubt...

...plans are afoot for DG and I to make a trip to a little show that's just down the road from me in Eastbourne on Sunday..

The show is called "To the Redoubt" and is hosted in the Napoleonic era fort, on the seafront called the Eastbourne Redoubt. Very small show - so small in fact that I've not managed to find any website, or advert that describes who's attending! I know that Henry from Battlegames will be there so I look forward to stopping by to say "hello", and I know that Redoubt Enterprises will be there - but that's it.... so something of a lucky dip.

The redoubt (the inside of which is pictured to the right) also hosts the regimental museums of the Royal Sussex Regiment, and The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, however, so it's an excellent day out as once you've finished looking at the wargame related events, stalls, traders etc. you can then browse around the exhibits...

This will be the second time we've attended, last time it was a beautiful sunny day and the show was well worth the trip - not the least being that I managed to find a reasonable copy of "The War Game (by Peter Young)" for only a pound ($2)! So... the weather is nowhere near as good in the UK this summer as it was the last time we visited (I heard on the radio this morning that this is the wettest summer since records began in 1750'something) but it won't stop us visiting, and given the problems elsewhere in the country at the moment this appears to be a very very minor inconvenience, and I'm looking forward to it.

On a separate subject, I sent off an order this morning, the old fashioned way (no not by owl, but by Royal Mail, involving envelopes and stamps!), to Essex Miniatures for some "fillers" for the Sudan forces... I've ordered gun crews suitable for Egyptian, British and Dervish weapons, and also limbers suitable for the Krups guns. All I need now is something suitable to transport the screw guns - think I will return to Peter Pig and order some of their transport camels... there anything more exciting than sending off money in the expectation of parcels full of little metal men dropping on the doormat a period of time later???? I doubt it....J


  1. Please be sure to report on your Sunday excursion. I'm sure that many of us would like to hear about it.

  2. Steve, I've tried to contact you using an old email address about the plastic figures, but it bounced.

    Could you email me at