Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sudan project page & campaign updates..

The more eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that I've put up a separate project blog for the Sudan - the link is just to the left, all comments welcome. Not sure why I hadn't done one earlier, really... I tend to use my project blogs as period specific scrapbooks, so anything I find, or do, to do with the period goes in there, but I've been playing around with Sudan stuff for months now and never got around to doing the project page.. either way, now remedied...

The campaign also continues apace, and the reason I haven't posted is because effectively we are into the night time hours are the troops of both sides are resting - DG and I continue to exchange moves in case one of us decides to sneak in a craft manoeuvre when the other isn't looking, but on the whole no-one has moved and we are now up to move 12 (19:00)

One thing we have changed is the rules for tracking fatigue - you may remember that in the original campaign instructions I'd put:

"For every move after eight straight moves, there is a percentage chance that troops will begin to see disorganisation, stragglers, and other losses. If you decide to carry on then:
o After the first move there is a 10% chance that each unit loses 1SP (strength point)
o After the second move there is a 20% chance..
o After the third move there is a 30% chance..
o Etc..

Units should then remain stationary for 2 hours per SP to regain any lost by forced marching."

I was beginning to find this difficult to manage as not all my units were marching for eight straight periods so how do we track fatigue when a unit has moved a couple of moves, stopped for one, etc etc.?

Not surprisingly DG contacted me at the weekend with the same issue, but being slightly more constructive than me had come up with an alternative mechanism...

In essence he suggested we track fatigue per unit on a turn basis, using the following factors

All units start with 0, each move you add or subtract any of the following that apply:

Marching +2
Asleep/not marching -3
Combat +5
Night +1

Once a unit gets to 25 fatigue points (FP) it temporarily loses strength points (in my rules each unit has a strength value - typically 5). At 30 FP it loses 2 SP, 35 FP it loses 3 SP etc ,etc

By resting up and recovering fatigue points then strength points are recovered..

Nice mechanism - easy to track (see following for the way I'm doing it), and immediately obvious which units are beginning to get dangerously tired..

So, in the above - the units are listed down the left - complete with their indetifying base numbers, their strength in terms of morale, and also in terms of strength points - each unit then has two rows of data showing "current" strength points, and the fatigue points... in the case of 1st New York you can see that they've been marching pretty constantly right up to 17:00 when they stopped to rest and started to recover FP's..

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