Thursday, April 17, 2008

Move 10 to 13 (17:00 - 20:00)

17:00 onwards Day 1.. a reminder the campaign map is to the left (click on it and any of the other pictures in this blog for the usual bigger view).

Looks like the British have made camp - no discernible movement, so I decided to match their actions in order to keep my troops fresh for any move they make later/tomorrow.

Having said that it's obvious my troops are fresher than his so at 19:00 (move 12) I got them on the go again - and as a result a pleasing number of them arrived at the rendezvous point in not too tired a condition.

Having managed to concentrate my forces, it's now time to turn my thoughts to what DG is trying to achieve...

You may remember that his orders are to "secure" the peninsula, and to do this he must:

1. destroy or capture all American forces and
2. be in possession of all key areas, crossings and centres of population.

Clearly he's nowhere near meeting item 1/., but he's doing OK on item 2/. Next move I think it's time I sent out a cavalry screen, to find where he is, and what he's doing with the rest of his forces... then I need to think about how to split his force so I stand a chance of beating him... J

At the end of the move my positions are as follows:

Currently in Carnine:
  • Twogates Brigade (depleted infantry battalion plus some regular cavalry)
  • 2nd New York (Continentals)
  • New York Regiment (ditto)
  • 1st Battalion Bourbonnaise Regiment (French regulars)
  • 4th Dragoons (Continentals)
  • 2nd Mass Militia (2)

...more anon...

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