Friday, March 02, 2007

15th January - Ammunition Wagons, Dutch WSS troops and Sudan thoughts..

Some photo's as promised of the ammunition wagons I picked up at Warfare, and also the latest units to join the ranks of the War of the Spanish Succession armies - Dutch infantry and cavalry (click on the picture for a bigger view..)..

I'm beginning to think now that I'm hitting "critical mass" on the WSS project and that I can slow down and start putting some effort into the other periods I'm interested in - based on some fine brain food from the guys on the "Old School Wargaming" Yahoo group, thoughts are beginning to return again to the heat of the desert, sandstorms, gunboats, gatling guns, zariba's of dry thorn - yup, it's Sudan time!

In many ways what has stopped this project progressing has been the lack of a rule set - I've looked at a fair few but have yet to find a set that really "grabs" me... I've now ordered a set called "Pony Wars" which are for old west, US cavalry and Indians etc. but were used extensively by Peter Gilder for his Sudan games.. more when I get them.

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