Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter... and some Egyptian Lancers..

Happy Easter to all - trust everyone had enough chocolate eggs today, but more importantly that you also managed to forget the diets...

Been a lovely weekend in the UK weather'wise (and the best thing is we still have another day off! J), better still I also had some opportunity to spend sometime at the painting table - and the first batch of Egyptian Cavalry are now almost ready... just the varnish to go, and I'm toying with the idea of lance pennants.. might be a bit fiddly though...

..these guys are lancers, and information I have shows they were active inthe Suakin Campaign (east Sudan) against Osman Digna

...right... time for another cadbury's mini egg... J

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  1. Steve, "I hates you" (not really, of course). "You gobbleses all those chocolate egges, and I don't gets any."

    *sigh* . . . the "joys" of having diabetes. Oh well, enough of my Gollum imitation, go ahead and enjoy them for me.

    Your Egyptian Lancers look good too.

    -- Jeff