Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sudan fort..

...just before I went away on holiday you may remember that I had been ferreting about (what an excellent phrase..!) in a large box of Airfix plastics that my brother-in-law (in-law) has passed across to me, and had found an almost complete model of the Airfix Desert fort of French Foreign Legion fame.

The plan was to put this together and paint it up as a Dervish stronghold for the Sudan Colonial project as although the model was OO/HO it fitted 15mm quite nicely. Well, I'm pleased to say I finished it yesterday, here's a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure...

I used a black spray undercoat, but the top colours were some cheap craft paints that I picked up at the local Hobby Craft (brand name DecoArt). I started with a heavy dry brush of "Soft Suede" (a light terracotta/burnt brick colour) followed by lighter and lighter brushes of Tan and then Sandstone. The door was a single dry brush of Dark Earth... the flag is from Warflag (what a brilliant site - the guy deserves knighting in the New Years Honours lists!). I've placed two of the village huts (15mm) I already had as contrast/comparison - with a 'rub' of fanatic Dervishes leaving the fort to provide scale:

...the good thing about the fort is that I can also give that higgledy piggledy shambolic look by placing the huts inside the fort - as follows:


  1. Steve, the fort looks great . . . very useful. Have you testedit to see how many figures you can fit on its walls?

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi there Steve,

    I agreee -- The fort looks most impressive. Your painting really helps it to look more like a scratch-built model rather than a kit.

    Best Regards,