Thursday, January 24, 2008 way of an intermission... part the deux.. I was cycling home last night I had an idea about getting more out of Project Gutenburg - see last post (the cycling home bit always works; it's the rush of oxygen to the brain after a day sat at the desk!) The 'problem' with the site is the sheer number of books they have online, and figuring out where to start, but they do have an excellent search tool so the idea is to do with that - here's the results/method...

...first, do a subject search on "war" (no quotes required) - it comes up with 640 odd titles - most of which will be of no interest, but there are some very interesting possibilities including officer training manuals, numerous military histories, and military biographies...

...if you do a search on "Marlborough" it comes up with the Henty book, but I'd also forgotten "With Marlborough to Malplaquet" by Stead and Strang - I've been looking for a reasonable priced version of this for ages, and Gutenberg has an HTML version with coloured illustrations (of which the picture featured is one)!

...I also tried "tactics", "battle" (that's a good one), "military", "wars" (plural - in fact try an 's' on the end of any of them), "regiment", "brigade", "infantry", "cavalry" & "artillery"; try also the names of any battles that you are particularly interested in ... in fact anything vaguely war-like!

There's quite a lot of books on the American Civil War, the War of Independence, and especially the Great War (WWI), both fact and fiction.. either way, hope that gives you some idea's, but I would recommend all old school wargamers read a short story that I found by Saki, called The Toys of Peace - very funny!

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  1. Hi
    Have you tried the google books project?
    There are a myriad of war memories, military manuals...

    For example: 'Kriegspiel'

    Best regards