Monday, April 14, 2008


...a brilliant weekend, all things considered... did start off pretty well though, as on Friday I had tickets to see Jethro Tull on their 40th Anniversary tour (which is a fairly scary prospect in itself).. I guess I've seen the Tull four or five times in the last few years, and while they may be getting on a bit, these guys still know how to rock, and on a slightly higher plane they are absolutely consummate musicians...

...they didn't disappoint - packed out concert hall and everyone on their feet at the end after a brilliant session. Some amusing asides (at one point Anderson let us know that both he and the guitarist Martin Barre had got their bus passes that year!), some astonishing musicianship (Martin Barre is one of the most understated guitarists I've ever had the pleasure of seeing - astonishingly powerful though, and a beautiful sound), a surprise guest visit from bassist Simon Pegg (used to play with Tull for some time, now with Fairport Convention) and plenty of good songs... Aqualung, New Day, Thick as a Brick etc. as you'd expect (they don't like to disappoint us), but also a number of songs from their very earliest albums which they don't often play, and which I'd not heard before...

...downsides? None - there's indications Ian's voice may be getting a little weak, but the stage presence is undiminished and they remain a damn good live act.. looking forward to next year already! a little taster - this is them playing "A New Day Yesterday" which has to be one of my favourite tracks purely for the guitar - this is from 2005 and gives a good view of what they're like these days....

...and almost better than all the above, as the concert was in Brighton I had the opportunity of trying a few beers! Brighton is home to the Dark Star Brewing Company - and I arrived early enough to enjoy a few pints in their tap (the Evening Star) - I'm pleased to advise that the Hophead (golden ale, absolutely buckets of citrusy/hoppy flavour and only 3.8%), and the Original (darker, maltier, 5%) were in absolutely top notch form and slipped down a treat...

...good weekend all things considered then! J


  1. Jethro Tull are a band I've always had a secret liking for. Are you able to admit that you like Tull in open company or is it a secret that has to be kept? Never quite sure. Still looking for Broadsword on CD to replace the vinyl copy I have.
    I met Ian some years ago whilst buying Salmon for the company I worked for - nice guy and passionate about everything.

  2. ..hah! Not only do I admit it in public I'm known to wear a "Thick as a Brick" t-shirt on occasion... :o)

    Agree with you re. Anderson - very intelligent bloke, and probably the closest to the ideal of the renaissance man that I can think of.... he seems to be able to turn his hand to anything..