Saturday, October 11, 2008

Alt-Hanover Cuirassiers..

Time to get back to fundamentals, so may I present for your pleasure a new unit of the Imperial Austrian army, ready to join the forces of the coalition and fight against the perfidious French and their abominable allies the Bavarians...

These guys are painted to represent a squadron of the Alt-Hanover Cuirassiers, my sources tell me that this regiment had a total of six squadrons present at both the assault on the Schellenberg, and at Blenheim.

I can't give you a unit history I'm afraid as I can find absolutely nothing about them, but I can tell you that at the Schellenberg they served on the right of the attack, in the fourth line, in the brigade of Prince von Wurtemburg under the Count von Styrum.

At Blenheim they were re-organised and served in Fugger's Brigade with compatriots Lobkowitz's Cuirassiers.

Reading my copy of "Blenheim 1704" Fugger was a player in the assault on Oberglau - he had earlier refused to support the Prince of Holstein-Beck who had been given the task, arguing that he could not move without the express orders of Eugene.

Later however, when the..

"battle was now in the balance. If Holstein-Beck’s Dutch column was destroyed, the Allied army would be split in two; Eugène’s wing would be isolated from Marlborough’s, passing the initiative to the Franco-Bavarian forces now engaged across the whole plain. Seeing the opportunity, Marsin ordered his cavalry to change from facing Eugène, and turn towards their right and the open flank of Churchill’s infantry. Marlborough (who had crossed the Nebel on a makeshift bridge to get a closer view), ordered Hulsen's German battalions to support the Dutch infantry. A Dutch cavalry brigade under Averock was also called forward but soon came under pressure from Marsin’s more numerous squadrons.

Marlborough now requested Eugène to release Count Hendrick Fugger and his Imperial Cuirassier brigade to help repel the French cavalry thrust. Despite his own desperate struggle, the Imperial Prince at once complied, demonstrating the high degree of confidence and mutual co-operation between the two generals. Although the Nebel stream lay between Fugger's and Marsin's squadrons, the French were forced to change front to meet this new threat, thus forestalling the chance for Marsin to strike at Marlborough’s infantry."

These guys will provide some much needed heavy cavalry for the Allies, and will help balance the heavy cavalry advantage the Bavarians currently enjoy in my armies..

Figures are Peter Pig 15mm's from their English Civil War range.


  1. Very nice looking fellows, Steve. I like them.

    -- Jeff

  2. Excellent looking men. Wrong side but they can't help that!

  3. Excellent - you can't beat cuirassiers, from any period.