Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Was just browsing around GoogleBooks today (looking for Dervish/Sudan references as is my wont!) and I found these - not full view, but a considerable part of the books! Click on the book picture to be taken to the relevant book text in Google Books...

I think a vote of thanks is owed to John Curry for making this available to Google!

I also found the following:

George Gush/Andrew Finch - Guide to Wargaming



  1. Steve,

    this is just unbelievable.
    The Gush-Finch Guide to Wargaming uses rule mechanismes that are very similar (I guess a follow on)to my all time favourite Napoleonic Wargame rules by the Tunbridge Wells Wargame Society (published in the 70'ies). I was about to start converting these for ACW gaming and now this...thank you for sharing this find.


  2. I wonder whether John Curry did make these available to Google - there's some controversy surrounding Google Books, part of which concerns permission and payment (along the lines of Google upload whatever they want and it's up to publishers to pursue them).

  3. Pjotr - see also this...

    DC - I didn't know that - I'll drop John an email to make sure he's aware...

  4. Steve,

    I've just been clearing out my e-mail "Inbox" and came across your links to this blog.
    Oh boy! You have scored again, right in the centre of the goal!

    Because of your "heads up" here I'm now about to order Don Featherstone's "Skirmish Wargaming" from Waterstone's - one of the classics from my earlier days of wargaming. Many thanks.
    (I've already placed an order for one of Don's Colonial (India) publications from Ken Trotman booksellers, and now I'll be able to read both books in tandem).


    As you know, I'm a newcomer to Colonial 'gaming, so I need all the help I can get - and Don Featherstone's ideas are a great way to pick up a few tips.
    Reminds me of my youth.


  5. Steve,

    I put in a bid and just got the message I'm now the new proud owner of the Gush-Finch Guide to Wargaming. Thanks for the tip. The Nyudrev dynasty owes you one.