Sunday, May 23, 2021

Rebasing the French...

Been a while - for which apologies - I'm afraid bigger things [clicky] have been demanding my paintbrush time.. 

Been meaning to update the basing for 15mm French for some time so as to bring them in line with the recent (well.. fairly...   well only 6 years ago!😲) basing that I'd done for the British..

The French were passed to me by DG more years ago than I care to think about, I think we'd done some kind of a deal - I'd passed him a whole load of 6mm stuff (another of my ill found and inexplicable prejudices..  I just can't like 6mm figures.. to me they are little more than board game counters.. ) and he passed me these in return....

These little men have fought many, many, times but I like the new style |I chose for the British so it is a long term goal to move all my 15mm WWII stuff to the same style..

As a reminder they were based as per the following - square card bases and numbers..

..but they now look like this..

Officers/command at the back on 2p pieces - rank and file on 1p's

I also rebased the antitank and support weapons..

.. mortars..

..machine guns..

I'll be using these sabot bases to move and deploy on the table..  I've just ordered another ten..

Armour and transport next...   and then the Germans...