Friday, September 07, 2007

Brief updates and some beer....

...just a short update this time to answer/comment some of the comments left in the last post...

...first off, Stokes get in there and start painting immediately J - the regiment was not made "Royal" until 1830 so at the time of the Napoleonic Wars they would still have had those distinctive coloured facings. I have a couple of pictures of the uniforms at the time that I can scan if you're interested? The regiment fought, and distinguished itself, at the taking of Malta in 1800 (theirs was the first regimental flag on the ramparts of the captured fort), also Maida in 1806 which is one of their official battle honours..

..second, Jeff asked about the numbers on the bases - these are purely identifiers; I have a great dislike of rules that involve casualty removal - I think it was Featherstone who said in one of his Newsletter's that he couldn't see the point in spending all that time painting figures only to stand them in a casualty tray and I'm of the same view! What it means however, is that there is a little more paperwork involved so the numbers help to identify the units... a long time ago I realised that I had made an error on the numbering - all my regiments comprise two bases so it would make more sense to have the same number on each, but hey ho, having started numbering them consecutively all those years ago I'm not going to change now!

...lastly I thought I'd also put in a few comments on some of the beer I discovered on this years holiday. Not the most fascinating selection as I mentioned previously - almost certainly down to the fact that the holidays this year were deep in wine country, and obviously the locals prefer that to beer..! I did discover one interesting one though..

La Goudale is described on the breweries website as a top fermented lager - it is a light, golden coloured beer, but I wouldn't call it a lager.. Goudale falls into the category of a national brand as you can get it almost everywhere (like Pedigree or London Pride in the UK) but that's not a problem as it is delicious - it's also powerful (as indeed most Biere de Garde's are) at 7.2%... quite sweet, very similar (I think) to the Scottish beers in taste, lovely.. drank a fair amount of this this holiday as there wasn't much other choice...

Trois Monts not so readily available this one - only in the bigger markets down south, but well worth hunting down. Same light colour as the Goudale, but a much more hoppier (bitter) aftertaste. Also dangerously drinkable at 8.5%!

...I've had both of these on previous trips, these following were new to me though....

Eki - brewed by the Brasserie du Pays Basque - 5% - lager style, and taste... kind of forgettable I'm afraid.

L'Angelus - what a belter, this was the find of the holiday as far as I was concered, the only thing was it was in Caen just as I was heading for the ferry on the way home, and they only had one bottle on the shelf!! Gold medal winner in this years French national beer judging, and I'm not surprised - absolutely delicious... "only" 7%, but lip smackingly drinkable nice and hoppy, light coloured, beer....J


  1. Thanks for the answer.

    -- Jeff

  2. Oh, and before I forget, we've now played "Wagon Train" three times. I have some comments on two of them on my blog (Furst if Furious and the earlier Battle of Polkfurt):

    But Murdock has reports on the two I was in on his Murdock's Marauders blog (Battle of Stinz and older Battle of Polkfurt):

    He also has an account of the latest fight (which he was in) on his Mieczyslaw blog (Bitva u Barva):

    They were all great fun . . . thank you for having it posted on your "Teasers" page.

    -- Jeff