Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First things first.. the Lillies are done!

...thanks for the kind words welcoming me back - much appreciated!

Any way - onwards and upwards, and as per my posts from before the holiday I've now finally completed the ‘Lillies’ or the 35th Regiment of Foot, the Royal Sussex Regiment - a couple of shots of them are here for your (hopefully) enjoyment:

The figures are 25mm, and are from "Parkfield Miniatures". The flag is from the Warflag site (I used one of the generic regimental flags with the colour changes to reflect the regiments unique orange facings)... they were "difficult", or rather not easy, to paint but having finished the basing and the standard I'm quite pleased with how they turned out...

...the next unit to paint will trigger a return to the War of the Spanish Succession - specifically, I have another regiment of "heavies" (Peter Pig - Cuirassiers) to complete, and following the suggestion from Grimsby Mariner I plan to make them the Danish Life Guards... I will be doing some research over the next few days to discover uniform details, but any additional help is always appreciated...


  1. I quite like Parkfield figures. Not as easy to paint as other makers but they do look very nice block painted and enmass.

    As for the Danes:



    And of course Sapherson's booklet availble from Caliver Books.

  2. Nice-looking troops . . . but what are the numbers (44 & 45) in the corners?

    -- Jeff

  3. I forgot to add the two volumes by Charles Grant on the Uniforms of the Marlborough age - some nice colour plates of the Danes (including the lifeguard). Books availble through Caliver.

  4. Welcome back!

    Great figures -- The 35th is a regiment I've meant to paint for years, but in late Napoleonic uniforms. You've done some really nice work on yours.

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz