Friday, January 11, 2008

Wednesday was good....

...and why you might ask?? Well, two things mainly, and proof if any were needed of what a good bunch wargamers are (I'm sure there are probably some that buck the trend but I've never met one), and what a brilliant hobby this is for sharing information, and helping each other out...

Some of you may be aware of the Table Top Teaser page I host, you may also be aware that I have a disclaimer at the top of the page as I've been concerned for years now about issues of copyright etc etc, and because I didn't want to be in a position stealing someones intellectual property. Writing is hard enough work as it is, without someone else giving it away for free..

With the recent posts from Charles (Grant) on the Old School Wargaming group however, I no longer had any excuse and with some trepidation wrote to ask if he minded me hosting the teasers - the excellent news is that he has very kindly given me permission, so the Teasers can stay - thanks, Charles! He also advised me that there is going to be a special Teaser in the forthcoming "The War Game Companion" that he is currently working on... one to watch out for.

Separately, John Preece also responded to my email with agreement to allow me to post the "Action in the Plattville Valley" picture (that's it on the left) - that picture takes me back almost 30 years, and is the single reason for me starting to think about the American Civil War as a potential new project - cheers, John!

I'll put some pictures of those recently completed Marlburian staff and brigade officers soon - they were finished on Wednesday, but I just need to base and spray protect them... I've also finished off the paint job I promised on that Kibri church that I bought on eBay, & mentioned a few posts ago. In the end I went for a total re-paint as I'd been enthused by the very striking pictures of the church on the AlteFritz blog in his review of the Leuthen game - some pictures of that soon as well...


  1. Whew!

    With the sheer volume of material that you keep updating one might wonder when you have time to sleep!



  2. That picture really brings back memories, I can remember how many times I withdrew DF's book from the local library. Then years later I got my own copy and some *&^* nicked it

    Thanks for posting