Saturday, January 12, 2008

Church and Staff Officers...

Enthused by the pictures of the superb scratch built church at Leuthen on Altefritze's site (this is it here, magnificent isn't it?!)...

..I decided to go for a complete re-paint on the Kibri church that I bought on eBay recently... this is mine in it's "before" guise.... (as always - click on any of the following pictures for a bigger view)

...and this is it "after".. J

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. As I say, the new scheme was entirely inspired by AlteFritze's paint job, the church is on a far smaller scale though! (if you want one by the way, I happened to notice that there was one up for sale on eBay - click here - nothing to do with me, I just like the model!)

I also finished up those staff officers I needed for my Marlburian forces - being officers in this period they're kind of 'multi-denominational', so I'll be using them for either side. These figures are predominantly Minifigs, with the exception of the mounted officer who is from Dixon Miniatures.

So how am I doing on the 2008 painting total??? Well I started off with 17, add 24 for Meredith's, and then add 12 for these guys (10 foot and one mounted), and I'm going to claim a couple of points for the church - which brings me to 55 points... crikey - not bad for mid-January!!

PS. Big thank you for taking me through 7000 visits.....amazing!


  1. Hi Steve,

    Hey, you really improved the ;look of that Church model. How did you achieve the greenish copper appearance for the steeple roof? Bravo too on your painting totals so far. Very impressive.

    Best Regards,


  2. ...thanks Stokes - appreciated.. the church roof was simplicity itself (just as well really with my painting standard)... I black spray undercoated the entire church, the steeple was then drybrushed green, and then a further (lighter) drybrush of the same green.... it helps to concentrate, or bring out, the green... I used Vallejo paints throughout - Vallejo "Bright Green" (I think) for the steeple.

  3. Steve,

    I agree that the church looks mucho better (growing up in California, some Spanish creeps in from time to time).

    I like your staff officers too.

    -- Jeff

  4. Nice work on the church, it's tempting me to try and create a 20mm version.


  5. ...thanks Will - that makes two of us, as I'm tempted to try a 15mm equivalent of your town module! :o)