Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catch up & The Skirmish at Carnine - continued..

Been a funny old year so far - January is disappearing at the speed of light and I don't seem to be getting anything done! (Can't believe I saw the Easter Eggs out at my local supermarket..... talk about wishing your life away!)

So time for a catch up....

Jeff - I haven't forgotten your question in the comment you left on the last post about the Battlegames "Table Top Teasers - Volume 1" special - I'm now half way through, and I think it worth an unqualified thumbs up (definitely an 8 or 9 out of 10) for the contents , and the price... The Teasers included are all as per those in the magazine, but many of them have additional maps and colour work. There is also totally new content in the form of re-fights by various wargaming luminaries of the included Teasers, often set in different periods. There is also new material from Mr. Grant, and a reprint of the first ever Teaser (which is also available on my Teasers page ... here). So yes, it's definitely worth it.... (for the record, I also haven't forgotten your other question about purchasing commissions in the War of the Spanish Succession; I have that one stashed away for a rainy days googling because it's an excellent question and I'd like to know too! )

You may remember that I got a shed-load of book tokens for Christmas, I have now spent those and the first books are arriving even as we speak...

Last weekend I went to pick up the first two (and no doubt fuller reviews of all these will appear in time) The first one is by James Holland and is titled "Together We Stand: North Africa 1942-1943, Turning the Tide in the West". I chose this based on all the positive feedback it's had from other gamers - it's chock to the gunnels with first hand accounts from the soldiers of all ranks, and both sides, who fought in the desert campaigns of the second world war. It's a big thick book but I'm looking forward to reading it immensely - in fact it's sitting on top of the pile ready to be started as soon as I finish the current book..

The other book is just a joy to behold - like many with an interest in military history I've long admired the paintings of Don Troiani, and coupled with my interest in the American War of Independence, his book "Soldiers of the American Revolution" was a real "no brainer" - the soldier to the right is just one example of his painting from the book, which is full to bursting with images of regiments and soldiers from the war, most importantly in campaign settings - it's a big book, glossy, and very colourful - real imagination fodder....

Next, DG and I continue to battle away from our respective domiciles at the virtual table top encounter known as the "Skirmish at Carnine".. I'm adding these to the Campaign Diary page so that if you want you can refresh your memory as to what happened in previous moves

You may remember that when I last posted, a (very) weakened battalion of American Militia had just opened up with a holler, pulled out their tomahawks and bowie knives and charged into the flank of one of the units of British Rangers. The fact that they had to charge across the fence to get at them did not in the end even factor, and the sheer ferocity (ie. my better dice roll!) caused the Rangers to recoil with casualties, and become shaken (one morale status worse than "normal" in our rules)...

As part of their recoil then, the Rangers ended up on the other side of the fence to their rear, which then brought them directly in line with the other Militia unit that had been out there for that exact purpose (see picture above)!

Happily for DG it was now the British turn to move and he opted to retire both his Ranger units directly to their rear.. the unit recoiling from the melee now ended up outside of musket range, but the other unit only just managed to scramble over the fence to their rear and as a result were fired upon by both Militia units (the Dragoons were out of range).

In the ensuing volley, the Ranger unit nearest the fence took further casualties this time from the accurate shooting of that very under strength Militia unit - battle honours are in the offing! At last things are beginning to look up for the Americans..

Move 4

Never speak too soon... time for the Americans to move, and in the first phase of this the Dragoons fail their morale test and rout - two rounds of firing was enough.

In the movement phase the second, bigger, Militia unit launches itself after the rapidly retreating Ranger unit and declares a charge. Lauzun's move up to exploit any further routs. The smaller Militia unit, not wanting to chance it's luck any further retires back over the fences it had charged across so shortly before..

Positions were now as follows (click on this or any other pictures for a bigger view by the way!):

The Rangers fire but are unable to stop them charging home, though they pass the test to stand and prepare to give as good as they get - unfortunately this is not to be, and the Militia drive them back with considerable casualties - they rout!

As we leave the skirmish for the time being, the British are about to test morale and move...


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  2. Steve,

    Thanks for the Battlegames TTT Book comments . . . it looks like I'll have to buy it.

    It looks like it is about $25 Canadian plus shipping from ON MILITARY MATTERS . . . the other book, "Raid on St Michel" is about 2 bucks more . . . so roughly $60 CDN with the shipping.

    Yeah, the buying of commissions subject is an interesting one, isn't it?

    -- Jeff