Thursday, January 08, 2009

Skirmish at Carnine...

Time at last has been gained (at the expense of the usual evening cigar) to spend some time on the blog!

First of all - look what I got in the post today (to the left)! :o) Chuffed doesn't even cover it... it's safely placed on the bedside table for a good read later!

The second piece of extraordinary news is about Warblington Castle - some of you may remember that I posted on this castle sometime towards the end of 2007, here, here and finally here. Imagine my surprise yesterday then to find that one of my colleagues at work happens to know the family who currently live in the farmhouse built on the site! He was visiting them last night, showed them the research I'd done, and the long and short of it is that I've been invited to visit and have a look around at close quarters!!!!! Double chuffed! :o)

The year is no different to previous one's and the conflicting calls on my time are more than a little irritating, nay stressful, but here I am - safely ensconced within the attic, a pint of "Summer Lightning" at my elbow, a ramekin of spicy nibbles at the other, and a comfortable half hour to forty five minutes to commit recent activities to paper/blog..

Part of the problem, I'll be the first to admit, is the damn Internet - there is a thoroughly thought provoking article in this months Wargames Illustrated that I can identify with more than a little... in summary the author poses the view (in a humorous manner) that the Internet may not be the "friend" that we all really think it is.. in a nutshell he puts the view very nicely, that basically it's a damn great black hole that sucks all our available time and energy into "nothingness" ie. time not spent wargaming in the truest sense, across a table, with good company etcetcetc. He may have a point... :o)

I am into my second free trial of "World of Warcraft" - now there's a black hole if there ever was one... a true siren to your average wargaming geek (ie. me!) Immense fun, a little interaction with one's fellow geeks, but ultimately hours and hours of time that should have been spent applying paint to little metal men, planning campaigns, and all the rest of it... no more say I - that's it - my tenth level Dwarf hunter (known to his colleagues as Biriyani) and my twelfth level Night Elf Warrior (known to his mates as Roganjosh, and yes you may sense a trend in the names!) will have to cope on their own.. been there, enjoyed it, don't want any more...

So back to the core of our existence - battles with little metal men, on a scenically crafted table top...

Some of you will be aware that my regular opponent DG and I have been gainfully employed since the beginning of last year, in a campaign set in the American War of Independence period - those of you following this epic will know that he and I are currently engaged in a minor skirmish - the end result of which (I hope) will be the total and utter destruction of at least two of his units... time I think to give you an update on where we are with this..

The battle is being fought virtually (and I already know enough by this stage in the experience to know that I much prefer a non-virtual game! Beggars however, can't be choosers..) and we are now up to half way through move 3...

Move 1:

As the Americans I moved first and advanced all my units; DG orders both his units to retire. It's clear that he intends to keep distance between his units and mine!

There was no US firing (my units were out of range) so that brought the move to an end.

Positions at the end of the move were as follows:

Move 2(06:20 in campaign time)

All the American units advanced – the pictures show the end of this movement - one from the west:
..and one from the north:
The British firing was devastating (and thereby hangs a funny tale which I'm too embarrassed to share!) the Rangers both fired at the cavalry in front of their respective positions inflicting a hit on one unit, but causing both the units to become "shaken"..
Move 3:

Both Ranger units continued to retire … DG's objective was the other side of the fence behind them. As it turned out they didn't quite have the legs to get there so stopped with their backs to it…

The US firing was dreadful. The nearest US militia regiment fired but with huge numbers of deficits (for being lights, militia, under strength etc.) came to no effect..

In the US move the cavalry both passed their morale tests - though Lauzun's retired before recovering.

The American Dragoons - having recovered - charged the right of the two Ranger units, while the militia unit that fired so abysmally before charges the flank of the other unit.

The remaining Militia move to fence line to the right of charging Militia unit - their purpose is to cover the area immediately behind the fence:

British firing was as effective as it could be - the cavalry were stopped in their tracks - a second strength point lost, and shaken to boot..

The other Ranger unit could only bring half its number to bear, and their fire as a consequence was not enough to stop the militia swarming over the fence and into their flank - you could almost see the tomahawks and hatchets gleaming as they were swung up into the air..

The Rangers may well have gulped, but true to their lineage drew their own edged weapons and stood to oppose the charge...

After the initial clash however, it is the Rangers who were forced to retire, and the Americans claim their first casualties...

More anon... :o)


  1. If you are looking for a free MMORPG then I'd recommend Anarchy Online. You can have as many free accounts as you want - so can play your own team if you want.

    There's no time limit on the free accounts so you don't feel the need to play as much as possible before they expire.

    AO is also very much more complex (equipping your character is truely an art). I always felt that the big advantage of WoW was that it can be played by 5yr olds - this fact being its biggest disadvantage for the rest of us.

  2. Now awaiting my copy of the teasers, another item to add to my reading stack, but I expect it to be close to the top.

    Yes, the internet is a dreadful but useful drug, just like email.

    The small scale action at Carnine is a good first test for playing by email, I'll be tracking the outcome.

    Happy New Year

  3. Steve,

    I'm looking forward to your review of the Teasers book . . . I have all of the Battlegame magazines . . . is the new publication worth it in that case . . . and why or why not?

    -- Jeff