Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone - trust that the Christmas and New Year periods were spent pleasantly, restfully, and without injury (!)...

It seems common amongst my fellow bloggers to spend time reviewing progress and achievements in 2008, but having spent all last year already doing that I don't think it fair to inflict it upon you again..

What I will say however, is "thank you" - without a shadow of a doubt the best thing about blogging is the people who pop in and leave comments etc. It's always appreciated - and as I've said before, although I could it's difficult blogging in a vacuum!

So to finish off 2008, here's some numbers - without a doubt the thing I'm most pleased about is my painting totals - I finished up on 473 points made up of:
  • WSS - 10 regiments of Infantry and 4 squadrons of cavalry
  • WWII - 9 tanks, one Stuka and some German infantry support weapons
  • Sudan - 4 company's of Imperial foot and two thirds of a squadron of cavalry (just the mounted one's to finish)
  • AWI - three regiments of foot
  • Terrain - trench's and redoubts..

So by far and away my most productive area's was the War of the Spanish Succession - not surprising really - I still feel I have some way to go before I can put respectable armies in the field!

The other periods don't have quite the same urgency - WWII is almost done, one's or two's of various tanks required to allow me to put full company's in the field, but otherwise good.

AWI is a steady build towards the orbat for Yorktown - getting there slowly - and I think the next unit I paint will be for that era.

The Sudan is a joy - just the best fun - I need to finish off the British cavalry (they're also next) and then some more Dervish... after that I have a yen to find some Indian (Sikh) infantry to paint up a couple of company's of, more Dervish mounted/foot, maybe a Naval Brigade, a gunboat........... and so it goes on!

The blog totals ended up as follows (click for a bigger view):

..& I'm (very) happy with that - this blog seems to generate about 3,000 readers a month which is pretty special I think!

So - finally - what are the plans for 2009??

Well, unlike (it would seem) most of my blogging wargaming colleagues, or the Soviet government, I don't have a five year plan... I don't have any specific plans over and above the painting jobs I mentioned above... so at a push I'd say:
  • .."those"... :o)
  • Paint more points than I did in 2008 (yikes!)
  • Have as many good games as I did in 2008 (need DG's assistance for that....)
  • Carry on the campaign.. and I note that DG has just sent his move...!
  • ..and that's it...

Happy 2009 everyone..


  1. Happy New Year Steve! 0/

  2. Good luck with the plans Steve.
    No five year plans just trying to keep some focus and reduce the lead in the big blue box!!

  3. Happy New Year and keep up the good work with your excellent blog!


  4. Steve,

    Thank you very much for all the posts this year, particularly the very interesting potted histories and accounts of trips taken.

    Keep up the good work and I'll be reading more of you in 2009.

  5. A happy New Year from me too! Always enjoy your blog and am envious of the fact that you can concentrate on just a few armies rather than being all over the place like me!

  6. And a Happy 2009 to you too Steve!

    Best Regards,