Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Skirmish north of Carnine - Move 1

Following some much enjoyed discussion with DG on the timing of when this skirmish actually occurs (viz a viz matching tabletop and Berthier campaign management tool) the game has now started...

You may remember that this game originated as a result of a contact in the American War of Independence campaign that he and I are playing.. in a nutshell (not everyone enjoys reading huge amounts of campaign diary!) a force of my cavalry and light infantry have managed to pin two of his light infantry units (Rangers) just north of my main army. A further half squadron of British cavalry has withdrawn..

As a first, we are also playing the game "virtually" - DG from his domicile in deepest darkest Wales & myself at home in deepest darkest West Sussex. The table is set up at my place, and I move the units in accordance with his orders, sending him pictures wherever there is doubt on distances etc.

My objective is simple - absolute destruction of his lights prior to deciding the next step...

First move, and the Americans (me) win the dice throw and move first (in our rules - available here - the first side moves, the second side fires, then moves, and finally the first side fires) - the militia have wheeled and advanced towards the flank of the Rangers.

B.t.w - you can click on any of the pictures for a much bigger view.. I've applied a grid to the first picture (1' squares) to make it easier for DG to see the kids of distances involved - for good measure I've also left a ruler on the table...

The American cavalry to the front of the Rangers (Lauzun's) have pulled back out of musket range, the other cavalry unit have moved over (now that the half squadron of British Dragoons have withdrawn)

Over to DG to decide his next move...


  1. Looks like you're off to a good beginning. Doing something similar to what Stokes and I are doing, I presume?

  2. View Halloa!

    The French have broken cover it seems, all that remains is to ride them down.

    I wish you joy of the day Sir!

  3. Hi Jonathon - yes, I've been meaning to try it for ages, but yours and Stokes's efforts have finally given me the push...

    I bought a very (very) cheap USB video camera the other day and am also wondering if (how!) I can make use of that in some way! :o))