Friday, April 10, 2009

All of a sudden..

...he was 17 again.....

...sigh... still, on the plus side.... at least I don't have the spot problem any more!


Meanwhile, on the wargaming front I can report:
  • An update to the Campaign Diary - interesting times in the peninsula!
  • An update to the WSS Project Page with the addition of the Black Hat cavalry comparisons to the figures section..


  1. Kate Bush-the first time I ever fell in love!


  2. Ah, a Chris Achilleos painting made (very nicely formed) flesh!

  3. Apparently she lives near Henley as a friend bumped into her at a school fete. He reports she's still v striking.


  4. Steve,

    I can definitely relate to the "17 again" comment. I spent much of my mis-spent youth working with bands and went to 2 of the biggest US Pop Festivals (No, not Monterey and Woodstock, I'm not quite that old). I went to Texas International in 1969 and Atlanta International in 1970 and many other shows besides. Hendrix, Joplin, Cream, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, and many more. Then I "grew up" and got responsible.

    So, fast forward almost 40 years and one of my personal heroes, Eric Clapton, decides to do his Crossroads Festival in Dallas for 3 days and nights. Yes, I was there, along with my best friend from high school and my 20-something Son, who thought that seeing the likes of B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, Joe Walsh, Steve Vai, Jimmie Vaughan and of course Eric was the greatest thing that had happened in his life.

    What made it even better was a vintage guitar show along with the festival and several of the musician's wandering the grounds and the show. My Son got autographs from several and spoke to several, a couple of whom even gave him impromptu guitar lessons.

    Won't go into what my body felt like after 3 days on the stadium floor, but sometimes you can "go home again", and its entirely worth it! To quote a popular movie of my Son's generation, "Turn the amps to 11, its louder than 10!"


  5. Bill - that is SOME line up - not one we're like to see here in the UK I'm afraid... :o((