Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Launch day...

As promised, and requested (well one of you did!), just a few pictures of the boat post clean up and preparation...

These were taken on launch day...

..which was just about perfect in terms of sun, but we could probably have done with a little more wind (ie. there wasn't any until we got to almost our destination).

Backing up a trailer with a considerable amount of boat behind the car was an interesting experience - not trailed before anyway, and I couldn't quite get to grips with having to turn the wheel one way to make the boat turn the other!

Finally in the water, and tied up...

..beautiful day - see following - notice complete lack of movement on the water! Almost windless....

...followed by a gentle putter up the harbour to the permanent mooring. No breeze to talk of until we got to almost the end when we had a few puffs that got us moving (5.5 knots at one point!)...

All things considered a very successful first voyage at about 5 miles - couple of interesting incidents and lessons learned... first the lesson; stay inside the channel markers at the top of the harbour (where the water tends to be shallower) - my boat only draws a couple of feet, but we still managed to sit on the mud for a while!

Second the incident - biggest little'un took this for us..

...the rescue services were out and all people taken off safely - cycling to work later in the week I went past and the owner was there stripping out anything usable that was left - it had burned to the waterline. Happily the insurance are paying, but he advised me that this was caused by an engine fire.. very sobering end to a lovely day...

Distance: 5 miles
Wind: light to none


  1. Very envious, even though my arm means I can't sail properly any more!

  2. I've always wondered how people get to those boats moored so far off land. Where do they put the row boats (or is it jolly boats since that will be your flagship?).

    Envious. All you need now is a good rod and line and you're set for a days sea fishing.

  3. Cheers gents - I'm lucky indeed.... sometimes I cycle into work the long way round just so I can look at her! :o)

    Grimsby - I leave my tender on the mooring while I go out sailing, just pick it up when I come back... if I need it where I'm going I tow it behind the boat...

  4. She looks lovely! The fire was a bit alarming though. I was on a powerboat once which caught fire and we all had to jump into the sea and get picked up by the Yarmouth lifeboat! Scary!

  5. Lovely craft Steve! I'm sure you'll get many hours of enjoyment from her.

    Please email me offline at, I have something you may want.