Thursday, January 28, 2010

Carpenter's Battery - gun crews done...

..and finally I managed to get some time the other night to finish off the gun crews to go with the recently completed guns and limbers..

As mentioned in the previous post, for these guns I went with an idea I first used with my Sudan artillery... the guns are not permanently attached to the base..

...which means I can use the guns on the back of the limber when they're not deployed, and also allows me to leave the guns as a marker in the event we get a poor morale result and the gunners decide to scarper..

These guys are so fresh off the basing table (which is a small scruffy corner of the painting table) that it's still possible to see the wet PVA glue in the pictures!

As an experiment I used two shades of grey for these guys - some of them have lighter coloured trousers, some have lighter coloured tunics, some are all the darker shade... I think they look OK.... well..... good enough for me...

Figures are 20mm & by Newline Designs - in the goodness of time I have some wooden barrels, and a wooden ammunition crate, that I found in my "tank stowage" box - I'll add these to the bases once they're done...

After that, the next stop is to complete the Union artillery, at which point we will have enough for our first table top engagement ie. two small brigades and a gun a-piece... perhaps a re-fight of the demonstration battle from Don Featherstone's "Battles with Model Soldiers" is in order...


An interesting weekend coming up - providing the weather holds up, and it looks OK at the moment - I'm off to Wales for the day on Saturday. Some of you may remember that I attended the Crusade Wargame Show [click here] last year?? Well it's that time again so DG and I will take the opportunity to meet up and have a chat - first time since we played the second of the Raid on St Michel games...

I'm lookign forward to it, especially as I see newline designs will be attending which is surely a good reason to get enough new little metal me to replenish the severely depleted ACW lead pile.. perhaps some zouaves!! If not though, enough kepi'd marching types to build another couple of regiments of foot would go down well.. Cavalry can wait for the time being...

I've also got my mind set on the next edition of Blitzkrieg Commander - the current version met all my requirements for a good playable set that reflected what I'd read about the war. The new version has been met with universal approval by a number of the players whose blogs I follow, so I'll probably buy a set if there's someone there selling it - otherwise I'm happy to wait until Salute to save the postage!


  1. That's an interesting idea. I play 6mm Napoleonics occasionally and we use limbers or deployed artillery as required. At 6mm we'd probably lose too many cannons but the idea is a good one for larger scales.

  2. I think that the mix of greys is fine for the Confederacy . . . for late in the war, I'd mix in butternut hues as well.

    Yes, separate guns is the only way to go. I've always had them separate for my 25mm figures.

    By the way, I thought that you were a confirmed 15mm gamer . . . what is with this 20mm stuff?

    -- Jeff

  3. Enjoy the show Steve.
    Figures look good and I like the style and quality of newline.