Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crusade Wargame Show 2010

A long but excellent day was had at Penarth and District Wargames Clubs Crusade show (which funnily enough is in Penarth) yesterday, this was my first opportunity to meet up with DG this year, and although it's a 3 hour drive each way (the show is in another country ie. Wales!) it's a stronger man than I who can turn up his nose at the opportunity to spend more money on wargaming items!!

Better still all the shopping listed items were obtained..!

First stop was the Newline Designs stand in order to replenish my much depleted piles of American Civil war lead. I have to say I was a little perturbed to find that one of the earlier shoppers to the stand had bought 14 American Civil War unit bags in one go! Egad, would there be anything left that I needed??!

I need not have feared - rootling around in the boxes behind the stand he managed to find enough individual packs to put together 2 bags of marching infantry in kepi, and one of marching infantry in slouch hat... I reckon that's enough to put together another four regiments of infantry... as a bonus he put two full limber sets in the fourth bag so all the artillery now has limbers...

If I finish that before the big Salute show then on my shopping list for then will be cavalry (mounted and dismounted) and of course..... ZOUAVES!

Elsewhere at the show DG's eagle eye had spotted Blitzkrieg Commander 2nd Edition - at a pound off. I like a bargain as much as the next man and I like Blitzkrieg Commander almost as much, so a copy was soon purchased!

....and before you know it there goes your spending money for the day.. on to the games - it seems to me that the Penarth guys like their science fiction, and it being a smaller type of show the historical game content was not enormous, even so, there were two goodies...

In my second place then was this game - good enough to have been first but for the Hexon terrain which has always looked a little too "busy" for me, even when doing it's job as well as it does here..

The game is set in Italy during WWI and represents the "Hunger Offensive" or the last Austro-Hungarian offensive of the war. This game represents part of Operation Radetzky. The game was sponsored by scarab Miniatures and features there figures (Austro-Hungarian, French and Italian), and Sloppy Jalopy trucks - the rules were a mix of "The Great War" (Warhammer) and "Through the Mud and the Blood" (by Too Fat Lardies).. nice looking game... I particularly liked the trench mortars and the anti-aircraft guns...!

...and in first place was this game which the guys were telling me had appeared at Partizan, and was appearing here for it's last appearance.. another WWI game, but this time set in the Balkans, featuring Turks and Russians in a game called "Carry on up the Caucasus". In 1915 the Russians had launched an offensive on the Turks but to their surprise, fresh reserves, and then reinforcements resulted in them being pushed back, and the Turks re-capturing much lost ground - this game is set in this period and represents a Turkish counter-attack..

Turks are by the Woodbine Design Company, Russians are by Musketeer Miniatures, and the train is by the HLBSC... the rules they were using were the Warhammer "Great War" set.. was the train that won this one my best game accolade!

..and that was it... a good day all round!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good time. Keep hearing good things about this show.

  2. Some really good pictures. Thanks for posting them.

  3. Good to see Newline kept you supplied. I've dealt with by phone several times and they've always been very friendly and helpful.

  4. Meanwhile I was working.....but glad you had a good day and might even meet up at Salute (when I definitely will not be working!).


  5. Nice report as usual but I think the Too Fat Lardies will be a bit upset you attributed the Through Mud and Blood rules to Peter Pig!

    Nice work on the ACW!

  6. Seriously cool Blog mate, really enjoyed the WW1 stuff.

  7. Gah! Holden you are of course absolutely correct... post updated!

    Conrad - you too are correct - the guy who serves on the Newline stand (the owner??? and possibly Brian??) is always very pleasant to do business with..

  8. Oooh an armoured train!