Sunday, August 20, 2006

27th November.. Roundway & Warrior WSS Infantry comparison

Last week (21st November) I placed orders with Warrior and Roundway (which are marketed by Navwar) for enough figures to make up a regiment of foot and cavalry from each. One of the things I've always enjoyed very much is the browsing of catalogues/web page, choosing figures, cogitating, and then the whole process of putting the order in the post and sitting back while I wait for a parcel to drop though the letter box..!

I was not disappointed in this case either - the parcels from both companies dropped through the letter box on Friday (24th) so my first feedback is a thumbs up for their respective distribution organisations - outstanding turn around, I doubt it could have been quicker!

My second piece of feedback is on the actual figures themselves which you can see in the graphic following - I've reduced these to fit on the page better, but if you click on it you'll get the full version of the picture:

So... initial thoughts on these new figures when compared to other figures I already have?
  • Size'wise they are good - slightly bigger and heftier than the Dixon infantry, which I think is a good thing as the Dixon infantry always looks a little lost to me, not as big as the Minifgs, about the same size as the Essex.
  • Sculpt'wise I prefer the Minifgs (it is a very clean and elegant model), of the two just ordered, I prefer the Warrior as the Roundway figure although excellent is let down by that small hat (although they do have the most amazing face - very pugnacious!) My only concern with the Warrior figure is that there is a little pitting - suspect the metal was a bit hot when casting.. I also prefer the Warrior, to the Essex which are a little "static"..
  • Price'wise the Warrior figures are clear favourites - in fact I'm amazed at the price - following are from the websites today so no indication that they might not change soon!

    • Minifigs 8 figures for £1.90 (24p'ish a figure)
    • Warrior 12 for £2 (so 17p'ish a figure)
    • Roundway 8 for £1.50 (so 19p'ish a figure)
    • Dixon 10 for £2.50 (so 25p a figure)
    • Essex 8 for £1.75 (so 22p'ish a figure
So that's a saving that works out at almost £2 per infantry regiment for a unit of 24 figures from Warrior (@ £4) compared to Minfigs (@ £5.70) which my atrocious maths work out as being about 30% less... and in my view with no great difference in figure quality and sculpt. Gives me something to think on.

Next stop will be the cavalry.

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