Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some new teasers added..

As promised the first of the new Teasers have been added to my web page - follow links to the left.

I've added the first ever Teaser which dates to February 1978 and is entitled "Bridge Demolition" - this was originally published in "Battle". I've also finally got my act in gear and actually scanned the August 1982 Teaser, which up until now has been present only in JPEG format...

Keep an eye open here for more news on additional Teasers - I have another three to post in the near future.

I have to admit - I'm taking my time as these "Battle" magazines I picked up from eBay are brilliant - I'd forgotten how good some of these old magazines were, and with the sole exception of "Battlegames" there isn't anything to match them these days.. in the four I obtained alone, their are articles by:
  • Charles Grant on Marlburian Warfare, refighting Oudenarde, etc.
  • Tony Bath on the Hyborian Campaign (classic!)
  • Phil Barker on gaming in 15 mm (pictures of the hideous old style Minifgs 15mm's in strips!)
  • etc. etc.
...huge amounts of brain food - if you see any, I'd advise buying them..

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