Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shopping lists...

Salute is fast approaching, and as the biggest wargaming show of the year in the UK, I'm getting a "bit" excited now.... what to buy, what to buy... J

So, what are the plans & thoughts, you may ask...
  • As previously mentioned I have a pre-0rder in for some Eureka Miniatures figures... being the usual cheapskate wargamer I am on the lookout for some good cavalry figures for the War of the Spanish Succession armies I'm building. I really like the Dixon figures, but they are (comparatively) quite expensive to other figures that I've seen so far (see my web page for some comparisons/comments) - and this is also complicated by the fact that I don't actually like the other figures I've seen as much as the Dixons, so it's a case of 'put up, or shut up'! To try and beat the embargo, therefore, I have a trial order in with the UK distributor of the Eureka figures (Fighting15's) for item 300SYW230P Austrian dragoon pack (3 troopers and 3 command) - I'm looking forward to seeing what they're like - but they're 18mm so I'm hoping they're not going to be huge!
  • Caliver Books have a new book out by Stuart Asquith (published by themselves), titled "Wargaming the Sudan Campaigns" - I've just checked and it's not going to be available for the show but I think I'll be putting in an advance order.. wanted to see if they had any detail on what's in it before making a final decision but given this is by Stuart it's a foregone conclusion really!
  • Still on the Sudan, I'm looking for figures and think I will be dropping some serious birthday money on the Peter Pig stand specifically, I would like some British cavalry, Camel Corps (mounted and dismounted), Dervish cavalry, and it's time to think about some artillery... Peter Pig do the Krups gun, and also the little, mule mounted, screw guns.... Having also just finished the Robson account of the war in the eastern Sudan, what I'd also really like is some Sikh infantry/Bengal Lancers but Peter Pig don't do them - will have to check the Essex stand.


  1. *sigh* . . . I'm jealous. Where I am we don't get big wargame shows. We don't get medium shows. We have a tiny local show once a year that is mainly fantasy and card players (one historical game this past year).

    But even though I'm jealous I do not wish to "rain on your parade". Instead please enjoy it all the more for those of us living in the "wargaming hinterlands".

    And remember, those "Bengal Lancers" can serve double-duty in their homeland . . . and don't forget to read some Kipling from time-to-time.

    So, your orders, sir are . . . to enjoy yourself!

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

  2. Excellent report, Steve. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Giles (from the Waterloo game!)