Friday, May 04, 2007

The Gatling's Jammed..

..just a short update - it's been a busy week!

Have the day off today - unlike what seems like the rest of Europe, the UK has it's May Day holiday this coming Monday (the 7th) as opposed to the actual day, so I decided to make a four day weekend of it.

So what have I been up to on my day off?? Quite a lot actually - my other half is at work, and the little'uns are at school so it was a chance to get on and do some stuff... J

First thing this morning I pawned the cats (*) in order to fill up with petrol for a trip to London, or at least the outskirts of the city anyway. I recently bid for, and won, a large number of "Practical Wargamer" magazines on eBay - 26 of them for only a pound, which kind of made me feel really guilty at paying so little for what was/is an excellent (and sadly missed) magazine. The only thing to offset the guilt was the fact that they were "pick up only" (due to the weight), so it cost me a tenner to collect them given they were in London! When I got there the seller had also thrown in some freebies (a few copies of "Military Illustrated" and "Military Modelling") which was much appreciated.. nice guy, and relevant feedback was left.

On the way back I stopped off at a little pub I know called "The Harrow Inn" (this is it on the left), at a little out of the way place called Steep. Well worth a visit anyway, but given I had to come back almost through the back garden on the way home it seemed churlish not to visit... a very pleasant hour then ensued eating rare roast beef sandwiches (with home made horseradish) and drinking Bowman's "Swift One" which at 3.8% was nice refreshing ale on a warm spring day - and went with the sandwiches a treat!

Having arrived home, I then completed the varnish coat on the latest figures to leave the painting table which are some Essex Gatling Guns for the Sudan forces - I've painted two, one with a regular army crew, and one with naval crew. Pictures soon..

* We have two - and I wouldn't be parted from them really...!

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