Friday, July 13, 2007

..plans for the weekend...

It seems like I haven't lifted a paintbrush in ages... and having looked at the paint cleaning pot on my desk the other day I see it has nearly dried out - a sure sign it's been too long! Given my other half will be working most of the weekend though it seems like a more than opportune time to resolve the issue.. but what to do??

Well there's a list as always, but it tends to get skewed by the current enthusiasm of the moment (doesn't it always with wargamers?! Name me one who isn't raving about a specific unit/figure/period/battle or something or other, at any one time!).. so in no specific order, though a psychiatrist would tell you there's probably a reason they're noted in the order they are (J), I'm thinking on the following:
  • whilst browsing Will's Blog the other day (there's a link on my "Blogs of Note" list)I happened to notice he had a link to a forum called the "The Gentleman's Wargames Parlour". The Parlour is divided up into sub-groups based on period so I beetled over to the AWI section and therein I saw these:

  • These guys are painted as the Prussian Grenadier Regiment von Donop and are absolutely mouthwatering.... the guy who painted them had even gone to the trouble of building up the cartridge boxes with green-stuff to make them bigger, as the one's moulded were too small (!) There are extra pictures at the forum, (which I recommend) in the AWI section under the "Hessian Grenadiers" strand... top marks to the painter (a gentlemen with the handle "Maxim"). The figures by the way are 28mm Perry's, but I just happen to have some Minifigs Grenadiers waiting a touch up of paint and I'm sorely tempted to recreate the regiment with these .... !
  • I also have a second batch of the Peter Pig ECW range 15mm cavalry (with the Lobster Pot helmet) made up - the first batch ended up as Bavarian Cuirassiers, these I think will end up as Danish Mounted Lifeguard based on a long ago picture I saw on Grimsbymariners Blog...
  • I have undercoated the dismounted figures for the British Camel Corp in the Sudan - that would then complete the unit..

Until I saw those damn pictures of von Donop, I would have told you I was all decided but it's all touch and go at the moment... J

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  1. Troops with tricorns should always be given preference . . . after that, grenadier mitres would be next on the list (in my opinion).

    Those are beautiful, aren't they?

    -- Jeff