Monday, October 29, 2007

...back from my travels...

I'm now back at my home computer after a week away.. always nice to get home and all that, but in this particular instance the family and I had a lovely break, staying with my Dad in Edinburgh.... so it wasn't quite as nice to be back as it normally is!

My wife and I have long accepted that at best we're "tolerated" when we go to stay with him, as really, we are but a means to an end, specificaly to transport his grandchildren to him! J The up side of this however, is that we are quite often told to make ourselves scarce for the day, so get to wander around Edinburgh, drink beer, chat, browse, and visit places safe in the knowledge that our two spuds are being spoilt rotten by their grandparents...

...and in this case, this visit was no different... so what were the highlights?? Well, on the wargaming front I wandered up to have a good look at the castle (picture above from the excellent undiscovered scotland site..)

I also got to visit Wonderland a huge model shop that I was originally tipped off to by Fire At Will - well worth a visit, but almost certainly of more interest to the plastic collectors amongst us than fans of the little metal men...

..other than that the other highlights were the beer (Caledonian "Deuchars" and "XP", Stewart "Cascade" were the best), the people (much more friendly than donw here in the south!), and the undisputed highlight for me as a Rebus reader was a visit to the Oxford Bar (his hang-out in the books) - fantastic (and the beer was good too, as you would expect!)

Having got back yesterday and re-read the part 2 write up, I was a little disapointed in the quality of my writing, so I have gone through and corrected/added/edited as appropriate - in my defence I was a little rushed and the PC in question was very slow!


  1. Well worth waiting for Steve. I have always enjoyed reading how Teasers play out and this was no exception. It has inspired me to have a go at this one and also to try the rules you use. Thanks for sharing.

  2. If I recall correctly, we played the "Wagon Train" scenario four times . . . and Murdock is making noises about possibly trying this one out too.

    -- Jeff

  3. Next time you're in Ed. you should pay Harfield Hobbies on Leith Walk a visit - excellent for terrain, plastic kits, paint and modelling materials.