Monday, October 01, 2007

Cuirassiers, cavalry & Freikorps

...a good weekend this weekend, I completed the aforementioned second regiment of Bavarian Cuirassiers for the War of the Spanish Succession project... I'll post some pictures once they're varnished and based. Once again though they were a total joy to paint... Peter Pig are just one of those manufacturers who seem to make figures that match my painting style..!

As promised I also got time to take some comparison shots of the new 15mm WSS period cavalry I got from Freikorps at the recent Colours show. Here for your pleasure, are samples from all four of the manufacturers I currently own in this period.. from left to right these are Roundway [clicky], Warrior [clicky], Freikorps [clicky], Minifigs [clicky] & Dixon [clicky] - all 15mm. I've missed Peter Pig out as the only cavalry of theirs you can really use for this period are the Roundheads from their ECW range - shame, really...

same order - slightly different perspective.

...close up of the Freikorps next to my favourite range..

So thoughts on the Freikorps?? The figure design is fine, nothing 'weird' in the way of waving sword arms in the air etc. the figure is a good, workmanlike, cavalryman - nice figure. The cast quality/detail, however, is much coarser than the Dixon. Having said that, it's a one piece cast (so the figure sits well to the horse) and painted up I have hopes that this may provide some cheap(er) cavalry for both sides. One thing of note, this is from their SYW range so is slightly later in period, but not noticeably so at this scale..

..and how do they match up in cost? Pretty well in fact... in order of cost:

Dixon - £3.75 for 5 (having to buy horses and riders separately); so 75p a figure..
Minifigs/Freikorps - £2 for 4; so 50p a figure..
Warrior - £2 for 6; so approx. 33p a figure..
Roundway - £1.50 for 4; so approx. 38p a figure..

...we'll reserve final judgement until the first unit is painted... what's interesting is that I have a desire to paint these guys, whereas the Minifigs/Warrior/Roundway figures are stuck firmly in the "to paint" pile despite having had them for some months now....


  1. I do like the look of that Freikorps figure too . . . but, actually, all of these could be used in the same army (although the Roundway horse seems a bit on the larger side).

    -- Jeff

  2. Look good to me and as said at 15mm size do you notice the differnce?

    50p - blimey I remeber when (grumpy old man here) when you could buy 10 25mm Dixons for that!

  3. I like them too. Will be good to see the unit painted!