Saturday, October 13, 2007

....wargaming laurels... I haven't won any, but the title is to let you know that I'm not sitting on them either!

No painting per se, though I hope to address that over the weekend, but just to let you know that I've spent the week bringing my various project pages up to date, the eagle eyed among you will also have spotted the appearance of the WW2 project page, that up until now has been in a "construction" phase on my old Geo-cities page... there'll be more updates to these pages over the next weeks and months as I bring pictures up to date, add reviews of books, etc. To save having to keep looking I'll announce them here...

So, plans for the weekend?

  • There are artillery crews and limbers undercoated and ready for a lick of paint on the painting table - they will get that at some point in time over the weekend, and with my other half doing an overtime shift this evening (Christmas beckons!) I suspect it will be tonight as it will also give me the opportunity for the other activity pencilled in for the weekend, which is
  • England play France in the rugby world cup - torn loyalties here, which basically means I won't be disappointed whoever wins... I've supported France in the international rugby for as long as I know (no idea why, I think in the early days it was because I used to like their gloriously shambolic playing style, they're a lot more disciplined these days, but the habit of support has stuck!), but I am of course English - it would be a whole lot easier to support England if they just looked like they were enjoying it a little more! bottom line, I'll be painting as I watch the game, pint of something hoppy from a local brewey at elbow, perfect!

Just one final word on other activities this week - couple of days ago I got a booklet from Caliver that I'd ordered based on a recommendation by Grimsby Mariner, the booklet "DANISH ARMY 1699-1715" is an absolute cracker, and together with the two Charles Grant volumes on the Armies and Uniforms of Marlboroughs Wars is I would say an essential purchase for anyone starting in the period...

Following a mention on Giles AWI blog I'm also reading the new Mark Urban book "Fusiliers" which is basically a regimental history of the Royal Welch Fusiliers during the American War of Independance. It's set against the general history of the war, the strategy's etc. I'm just up to the start of the southern campaign and have to say it's a riveting read - lots of first hand accounts... 5 stars for anyone with a tricorne era/black powder interest.
One final (final!) word, thanks for taking me through the 4,000 viewer mark - I'm gob-smacked as we say in the UK!

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