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..just a short post this time..

You've probably realised by now that I'm a great one for little pieces of software that help me in my wargaming - those of you who are of the same mind, and who also enjoy campaigning, may want to (should!) make their way to the Frivolous Fusileers (click here) blog where Andy Mitchell describes a handy little map editor program that he's created, and made available for free..

How would I use it?? Well as I commented on his blog, I'd use it at the strategic level:

1/. I would use it to create the campaign map, making full use of the very handy random function
2/. Then I'd use the country populator program (there's a link for in my "resources" table just over to the left) to add a little more detail on the towns/populations/economy of the country I just created..
3/. Then I'd load the map into "Berthier" (ditto the link information) where I could use it to map my troop movements...

...and lo and behold, I'm at least three quarters of the way to a workable campaign!

Andy says he's going to develop the "tactical" level benefits of the program next - but that's where I see GameMapper fitting, and as a contented user it's less of a benefit to me (though the random function may be!)

You can get the program here. You may need to be a member of the Old School Wargaming group to get at it - but my only response to that would be, "why aren't you already!?" J

More later on the following activities:

~ I've just completed another regiment for the Wars of the Spanish Succession; Dutch this time. I'll post pictures on one I've finished the basing...

~ I've also just taken delivery of some Minifigs 12mm WWII stuff, that I ordered from their excellent new website. More detail on these as I finish them, but just a "heads up" that I spotted they now accept payment via PayPal, which seems optimal - I can clear out my "rubbish" (not my description, but certainly that of the current Mrs. Steve the Wargamer) from the loft, on to EBay, and then pass the proceeds direct to Minifigs - how elegant and symbiotic is that, eh?.... J

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