Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Campaign - Move 5

12:00 Day 1 (move 5)..

..a move of consolidation - the initial disposition at the start of the move is as follows (and you can click on this, or any of the other pictures here for a bigger view):

  • no couriers have yet arrived - you may remember that the commander of the milita regiment at 2/. (now known as Two Gates House), sent messages to all friendly units in move 2. The only units American moving are those who have spotted or contacted the British...
  • One of these is the aforesaid militia regiment formerly occupying Two Gates House, who after the fearful drubbing during the skirmish (we can hardly call it a battle), join up with their cavalry (in the map above they are just south of the hamlet) and hot foot it south as per their orders.. one good thing - they both post reconnaisance reports that show the same results - handy for comparison purposes...
  • The other unit is militia regiment that was at One Tree Hill (also known as 1/. - you may spot that I've substituted numbers for actual names, but to make it easier to remember them the number features in the name!) They are also hot footing it south following their orders - the only problem being that they believe the major British advance is on the west axis so are heading for entirely the wring rendevous point - no problem - my assumption is that they are going to meet another American unit at some point in time who will advise them of the error - what's important at the moment is to conserve strength.....

..and that's the end of the move - a quick check of the deployment map shows the following:

It also shows that my couriers have started to arrive, and next move I get to start consolidating in earnest..!

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